CA Political

CA political has been provided the stronger relationship between data and marketing. Basically, it combines the predictive data analytics, behavioural sciences, and innovative ad tech into one award winning approach. With the use of CA political, you can engage the customers more effectively and efficiently. Recently, online service has received awards like Global Periodical Publisher and Employee Benefits Provider. CA-political is a data-driven marketing solution and it works together with the companies like SCL Group Limited, Cambridge Analytica Limited, SCL Elections Limited, SCL political Limited, and SCL Social Limited in order to deliver best solutions to its clients.

Essentially, CA political is providing an advantage of improving the brand’s marketing effectiveness by influencing the customer behaviour with the use of behavioural sciences, predictive analytics, data driven solutions, and other technological benefits.


CA-political has up to 5000 data points on over 230 million individual American consumers. By embedding with these data instruments, you can add to your own customer data and gain the benefit of establishing custom target audiences which lets to engage and motivate the individuals.

Efficiency and Transparency

CA political doesn’t hide any margins on CPM rates. That means, the data driven insights allows to focus the investment on your best customers. It supplies real-time reporting dashboards which lets to view the true ROI of your campaigns.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

It has included a global team of data scientists, PhD researchers, psychologists, and digital marketing experts who always strive to deliver a holistic approach to exceeding the marketing goals.

CA political Data-driven insights provide you different tools that needed to cut through crowded advertising landscape and speak directly to the customers as well. Based on each unique behavioural profile, it optimizes the work specifically included visuals, copy, and positioning.


CA political Data-driven services really helpful for you to better understand your audiences. You can run your marketing with end-to-end campaign by combining the insights of behavioural psychology with the precision of data analytics and individually addressable technology.

  • Market Research

In order to get a complete view of customer behaviour, competition, and trends, CA-political collaborates the behavioural psychology with the statistically robust methodology.

Once your existing customer knowledge base has been assessed, it will conduct a custom research on projects according to your particular needs. It is also providing an in-depth picture of your audiences based on qualitative and quantitative techniques by embedding the unique behavioural science methodology. Available services under market research subsumed knowledge gap analysis, audience behavioural insights, and research design and execution.

  • Data Integration

By making centralization on your first party data and enriching it with data from third party resources, CA-political implements a rich and holistic view of your customers’ behaviour. To produce data deeper and richer insights, it collects the data from public sources and reputable data providers. The data integration service helps to find and influence the customers quickly and efficiently. Data Integration tools are data cleaning, data management consultation, and CRM integration.

  • Audience Segmentation

For creating targetable groups of similar individuals, CA political provides audience segmentation from the collected profiles of customers. By grouping behavioural similarities and identifying population segments, it helps to reach your most persuadable customers and campaigns.

  • Targeted Advertising

It always strives to promote the products and services to reach the customers in a unique way to which they are most likely to respond. As CA-political uses data science technology, behavioural science, and the latest advancements in advertising technology, it has been defined who should be targeted, how the messages should be constructed, and make sure the right message gets to the right person as well.

CA political support multiple platforms for delivering best messaging across TV, Laptop, desktop, mobile, and other connected devices. These channels involving video, Facebook, display, audio, Twitter, native, interactive, and search. It makes use of full-cross device placement which lets to reach the targeted audiences wherever they are and match targeted audiences to augment advanced TV media.


CA political Evaluation service enables you to monitor the campaign performance data in real-time to ensure the well performing current campaigns and more compelling the future campaigns.

By using CA’s reporting and campaign management tools, customers can get a complete and clear view of conversion rates across target audiences.

CA-political Products

CA has included a wide range of products which lets you to engage more effectively with the audiences. Available products of CA-political are LiveSpend, Validity, CA Blockchain, and SelecTV.

  • LiveSpend

Basically, LiveSpend is a transparent advertising reporting dashboard which does all the work for you. If your digital marketing campaign has managed by Cambridge Analytica, LiveSpend comes as part of your package which analyzes the data across all platforms in a single view, optimizes the connection between marketing trends, and business results.

  • CA Blockchain

In this current competitive advanced technological world, decentralization of information and systems playing an important roles to attract the target audiences. Relevantly, CA uses Blockchain technology which provides a platform for transperancy, automation, and consistency. By combining with the Blockchain technology, it influences the customers by understanding their needs and wants and help to build the stronger relationship with your brand.

  • SelecTV

CA’s SelecTV helps to find and targeting your audiences through the combination of data analytics, behavioural science, and data driven expertise. To reach out the target audience, it has provided SelecTV product which features both data-driven linear and addressable style solutions for ad placement.

  • Validity

Even though CA-political investigating an issue on the state or national level, it always tailor the work to your business and your customers. By using the state or national level marketing campaigns, it finds new audiences if you have your own customers or business or segments of the population previously identified.