Alberta Student Wins $500K International Science Competition

Over the course of time, we have got endless achievement in the sphere of science. Still, there are many things that are yet to be known. However, considering the present time where most people are spending their lives in quarantine, an Alberta student has done something incredible. Maryam Tsegaye, an Alberta student has won $500K Canadian dollars in an international science competition. Maryam Tsegaye is a Grade 12 student. She studies at Ecola McTavish Public High School.

Maryam Tsegaye took part in the international science competition with her extraordinary three minutes video. The main topic of that video is quantum tunnelling. She explained the different aspects of quantum tunnelling in an extraordinary way. Well, if we talk about the competition, it was about creative scientific projects. The participants were asked to make a video elaborating various scientific principles. Students across the globe took part in this international science competition. According to recent news, the number of participants is 5,600. But, the video on quantum tunnelling made by Maryam Tsegaye was extraordinary.

Maryam Tsegaye, the 17 years old girl took almost two weeks to make this video. She compared quantum tunnelling to playing video games and rolling dice in her video. The presentation style was unique as well as attractive. If we talk about the prize, it was actually a scholarship of $250,000 US. The teacher who inspired Maryam Tsegaye got $50,000 and there was another $100,000. It was for the science lab of Maryam Tsegaye’s high school.

Revelation Of Prize Announcement

Well, the revelation of the prize announcement is very interesting. Scott Barr, principal of the school used a very creative way to reveal the prize announcement. Well, Maryam Tsegaye was asked to come to the school to help in making an educational video. The principal told Maryam and her friends to sit in the classroom for watching a video. He also told them to act like they were watching it from home. He told them to create a learn-from-home ambiance.

Then, Sal Khan, Khan Academy’s founder, and Scott Kelly appeared on the screen. Maryam still did not understand the situation. However, when they actually pronounced her name, she realized that she had done something incredible. She was really shocked. However, Tsegaye told that the actual plan was making a video on entropy. Later, she changed her plan as she knew that she could explain the quantum tunnelling in a far better way. She also worked hard to find a suitable story to make her video more digestible for the viewers.