Biggest Social Issues Of Canada in 2021

Living in this modern era, we must abide by the fact that Canada is one of the most beautiful nations. It has an adequate landmass, clean water, and natural resources. In spite of having these, this nation is not completely immune to social issues. There are different social issues that people in Canada are facing. Anyway, here, we will be talking about the biggest social issues of Canada in 2021.

Rights Of Indigenous People

Systematic and longstanding discrimination against the indigenous people are leading to the biggest social issue in Canada. The water that is being supplied to the First Nation Communities is highly contaminated. Moreover, it is very hard to access. The poor sanitation system is hampering the lives of children and women. The Government is failing to fix the deadly consequences caused by mercury contamination. Apart from this, climate change is also playing a big role. It is leading to food poverty and along with this; it is also creating negative impacts upon the health of the indigenous people.

Violence Against Girls And Women Of Indigenous Communities

Well, last year in June, the Federal Government of Canada promised for releasing the National Action Plan in order to mark the 1-year anniversary of the National Inquiry regarding the murdered and missing indigenous girls and women. Well, the National Inquiry delivered a report where they provided 231 recommendations. The Government promised that they would make the National Enquiry’s calls more meaningful and real. However, no action had been taken. A report had been issued by the Native Women’s Association of Canada and this association sent a failing grade to the Federal Government.

Mental Health Issues

Even in this 21st era, mental health issues are considered one of the biggest social problems in Canada. According to a recent report, one out of five Canadians is suffering from mental health problems. The common illnesses are depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. This particular aspect is not getting an adequate amount of funding and resources and this is why the problem is still out there. According to a report, more social workers, psychologists, and addiction counseling are needed. The employees are unable to cope up with this issue. Some are struggling. Well, due to this problem, the nation lost $50 billion annually.

Apart from these, gambling addiction is another major social issue in Canada in 2021. Anyway, we hope that the nation will soon eliminate these social issues. It is a concern of all political parties.