Cambridge Analytica Congratulates Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Cambridge Analytica, the analytical team from trump’s presidential election and specialist of using psychographic analysis and behavioral communication has congratulated President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on their historic win. Cambridge Analytica is used as a tool in identifying the targeted users who are supposed to show interest in giving a vote to Trump and also targeted the undecided voters who likely to be in favor of Trump’s electoral campaign. The analytical company uses its major key techniques to retrieve benefits for the Trump campaigns. Those key techniques are Digital Marketing, Polling and Data Science.

Digital marketing follows a few key phrases. The initial goal of the campaign was to build a relevant infrastructure, getting more context to speak with, raising funds. ensuring that their supporters were engaged. There was also then the phase of mobilizing supporters such that though the campaign may not have had the resources to be able to talk to every single voter in the states. Data integration ensuring they have the most airtight possible way of producing the data offline side where they are going to store onside to exploited out to media platforms and then also collects the tens of millions of individuals interested in the campaigns. The Cambridge Analytica used the digital marketing process to translate the individuals produced by data science into the digital marketing campaign.

Every week, the research goes out on the field to collect more information and then match back into the database. Through this operation, data science gives them a briefing about these individuals. There would be a list of names and numbers but there also be particular information about them. This was then used to inform the content creation team on what aid they should be producing overlaid with who would they talking to and then this is also used to inform Cambridge Analytica’s particular media buyers. Cambridge Analytica is dependent on the majority of individuals or in the group of that plane.

They designed three mutually exclusive universes. One was a one to one data match through matching offline PII with online cookies that stop IDs, Social IDs, etc. The next one is hyper logo geo-scoring which helps to find the individual by targeting the area on which they live. There is a likelihood of reaching people who are outside of the target. By so widening that space little bit, they ensured that they were protecting themselves from just missing over the targeting of the one-to-one matching. finally, they have chosen a persona-based and demographic-based targeting in this digital marketing strategy. This is a criterion of putting groups of people based on voter characteristics.

When they involved in resolving any higher left, then they just focused on a one-to-one targeting method. This methodology was used throughout all of the campaigns so that they can ensure they were making the best usage of the short amount of time to acquire their targeted audience. The type of advertisement used by Cambridge Analytical is quite different. That advertisement was meant to be able to change someone’s mind, address particular issues and concern the audience have. The goal of Cambridge Analytica was to change the dynamic of standard political advertising which is often extremely boring or negative.

The firm collaborated with some particular publishers and worked with them to produce a very inner-active online ad which was shown on a political side but only for particular targeted individuals in bar icon states so that it is not the waste of funding but showing that to right individuals. Another aspect was high impact advertising. This was difficult for them to work on that particularly in a political scenario because of the lengthy time and the additional build that goes into the ad units. By adding in this interactive portion, not only did having people interact with the ad longer increase their retention of the information and also resulted in some increment data collection. The analytical company had also used conversational ads used as a new ad type in twitter, gave them ability reach people with a treat they would pre-populated with a particular hashtag and this stand allowed them to ensure that supporters drink events such as debates where keeping the charter going on for the campaign.

Cambridge Analytica feels proud that they were hired for Trump’s political campaign and their contribution in America’s 2016 election had not waste and helped Trump to become an ultimate victory man of that election. By building robust start-of-the-art data operation and different advertising technology, the company made things possible in all aspects. All things were arranged and operated within six months prior to election day. The company had focused on identifying and understanding the electorate behavior and accordingly utilize them on the political campaigns to harness the “Trump-effect”.

The company has boosted their effectiveness by targeting the people through sampling, checking the demographics of the states throughout the states and advertising in rural areas. These activities helped them to earn more votes from the industrial Midwest. Within this short period of time, their models proved to be very useful for them as they were able to predict late movement correctly and successfully able to build an extensive targeted audience for the political campaign.

Moreover, with the help of innovative digital marketing strategies, they planned and executed the campaigns successfully and win over the voters via buying operation. These methods helped the company to test and refine their messaging and deploy platforms of their data and polling. Their digital marketing also helped them to become the first company to grasp the transpiring trends in the advertising market.