Cambridge Analytica responds to ICO comments

Cambridge Analytica has been in touch with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) since February 2017, when ​they hosted its team in their London office to provide total transparency on all the data they hold, its usage, and other aspects of their business.

They have been fully compliant and proactive in their conversations with the ICO.

Since early last year, they have subsequently cooperated with the ICO on multiple lines of inquiry, including most recently on the Facebook data and derivatives that they received from GSR, the research company that they engaged in good faith to legally supply data for research.

On this point, they have offered to share with the ICO all the information that is asked for and for the ICO to attend their office voluntarily, subject to their agreeing to the scope of the inspection. 

They claim to remain committed to helping the ICO and all other concerned organizations in their investigations and audits.