Can Anyone Run for Prime Minister in Canada?

The prime minister of Canada refers to the primary minister of the Crown. The prime minister is the chair of the Cabinet and head of government. They are often considered as The Right Honourable. It is a privilege often maintained for life. The current prime minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau, and he is the 23rd prime minister of Canada.

People in Canada often ask whether anyone can run for Prime Minister in Canada or not. Well, the fact is that there are several steps that one needs to follow in order to become the Prime Minister of Canada. These are actually formal steps, and the entire process is inextricably associated with a long-followed convention.

If we see the entire matter on the basis of theory, you will get to know that any Canadian citizen can become the prime minister of Canada, but this is not practically possible. As a matter of fact, the Prime Minister will have an individual strong identity, and the person will have to establish a working and viable government. The Queen of Canada is the Governor-General of the country, and the Governor-General plays a very important role in the process of the selection of the prime minister of Canada. There are actually several scenarios. We have elaborated them below:

  • Scenario A: Suppose there is an election and after the declaration of the election result, it is seen that the New Democratic Party right away defeats the opposition party. So, the situation is very clear; the head of the New Democratic Party will be declared as the prime minister of the country. Any party that wins expects the leader to become the Prime Minister of the country.
  • Scenario B: This scenario is different from Scenario A. Suppose, the NDP has got 150 seats, the Liberals have got 160 sits and the third party such as Bloc Quebecois has got 28 seats. Now, the NDP can approach the Bloc. If the third party decides to get into a coalition government, the NDP will win. The leader of the NDP will become the Prime Minister of the country. However, the Bloc will have a great amount of power as the success of the NDP depends upon the Bloc. If the third-party withdraws support, the NDP will be shattered. If such a thing happens, the Governor-General will call for a new election.

By now, you have probably understood whether anyone can run for Prime Minister in Canada or not.