Canada Plans To Open Immigration By 1.2 Million

Canada is probably one of those countries that handled the COVID-19 situation very effectively. Now, Canada has planned to bring more than 1.2 million immigrants. The federal immigration minister of the country has said that they will be doing this in the next three years. Marco Mendicino, the immigration minister tweeted that immigrants as well as the newcomers will certainly contribute to economic growth. The country is facing an economic crisis, and the labour market is also going down. These are undoubtedly the deadly outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the government is trying to fill the gaps. Yes, they are trying to elevate the labor market to a whole new level. Along with it, it will also boost the economy of the country.

Marco Mendicino who is the immigrant minister has recently said in an interview that the government is aiming to accept more than 401,000 parliament residents. It will be done by the end of 2021. In addition to this, almost 411,000 new parliament residents will be accepted in 2022, and in 2023, 421,000 new residents will be accepted. According to him, Canada needs more workers that will ultimately boost economic growth. Well, before the pandemic situation, the idea was completely ambitious, and now, it has become a necessary step.

Robert Falconer who is an immigration policy researcher tweeted that if the government of Canada can meet its goals, the upcoming years will bring fruitful outcomes in the sphere of economy. The country is ready to welcome almost 232,500 newcomers who belong to the economic class of the immigrants in the next year.

Unfortunately, the immigration system was down and so, the country closed its gate for immigrants in March. The main reason behind it is COVID-19. Yes, you have heard it right. The situation was critical, and the country did not want to take any risky action. However, the country was able to settle almost 123,428 newcomers by the end of August of this year. The immigration system of Canada is coping up with some long-lasting problems caused by COVID-19.

Well, the Migrant Workers Alliance made an announcement. They want to bring a remarkable change in the system. According to them, the government must implement “a single-tier immigration system.” The new system will be good for the Canadian immigrant system as it will ensure status for all the migrants. Fortunately, many organizations across the country have endorsed this demand.

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