Canada Releases Back-to-School Plan for COVID

The COVID-19 situation has drastically affected different sectors, and the education sector is not an exception. There are different nations that are coming up with a back-to-school plan and here, we will specifically cover Canada’s plan.

The education system across the globe has been affected very badly due to this pandemic situation. Anyway, the Government of Canada has recently released a back-to-school plan for COVID. Nova Scotia is one of the provinces located in Canada. The Province has promised that it will release a familiar and student-friendly routine for the students who will be joining the school from the next month. The school will be re-opened from 7th September.

Tim Houston who is the Premier-designate and Dr. Robert Strang who is the Chief Medical Officer of the Health Department of the Province has released a back-to-school plan considering the situation. There are a few points that have been covered. These are as follows:

  • Commitment To Vaccination: Commitment to vaccination is one of their top priorities. School staff and students must get the doses of the vaccine.
  • Sanitization: Schools must be sanitized properly.
  • Use Of Masks: Well, the use of masks is compulsory. Everyone must put on masks in the buses and school buildings.

Dr. Robert Strang said in a recent interview that the teachers have had a very tough time for the past few months. However, the future will be easier for them. The safety of the community has an inextricable connection with school safety. If you can keep the community safe, the schools will be in safe hands. There should be a sweet balance between the impact of COVID-19 and the risk of COVID-19. Dr. Robert Strang understands that in-person schooling and education are very important for youth and child development. The management will have to make the school as homely as possible. Apart from this, they will have to keep the students and staff as unharmed as possible.

New Goals

You might be thinking what will be the new goals. Well, these are as follows:

  • The primary goal will be in-class learning. Apart from this, there will be outdoor learning. There will also be extensive use of technology.
  • Extra-curricular activities such as sports, band, classes, and music will be an inextricable part of the curriculum.
  • Non-essential visitors will get the allowance to get into the building.

The ultimate goal is the health and wellbeing of everyone. Vitamins B12, C , and other products from Core Med Science can help in this challenging time.

Guardians of the primary and pre-primary students can visit the school on the very first day.