Canada’s Climate is Warming Twice as Fast as Global Rate

Canada is warming twice as fast as the global rate. The climate report presented by the federal government indicates the same.

If we talk about the Arctic, it will continue to warm faster than the global rate. The report says that many of the effects are irreversible. The annual temperature of Canada will increase by 2.3 degrees Celsius, with the greatest temperature increases occurring in northern regions.

The report says natural variations, as well as human activity, are responsible for Canada’s climate change. However, in such a scenario, the dominance of the human factor is greater than that of natural variations.


When the climate begins warming twice as fast as the global rate, it becomes quite obvious that there will be certain negative outcomes of that. The first thing that Canadian people have to deal with is extreme weather. Yes, hotter weather brings heat waves, and therefore, there will be chances of droughts and wildfires in some parts of this country.

Oceans are less oxygenated, and more acidic, meaning marine life will be badly affected. The rise in the sea level can be another outcome. If such a thing happens, there will be more intense rainfall and coastal flooding. As a result, several urban centers will be flooded.

Reasons Behind Canada’s Warming

There are several factors making Canada’s climate warmer, and one of such factors is the loss of sea ice and snow. It is actually increasing the ability to absorb solar radiation, and along with it, it is also making a large amount of surface hotter.

Well, such a problem can be mitigated if the government can control the emission of carbon and other greenhouse gasses.

Public Opinion

Public opinion plays an impactful role in any major concern, and that is why it is important to be vocal. Matthew Hoffmann, professor of the University of Toronto, said that people are feeling the effects of climate change, and student protests in Canada, U.K., and elsewhere are the perfect example of this. They want governments to take necessary steps in order to deal with this problem.

While these things are concerning, there are still many positive things that you should consider if you are looking to move to Canada.