Canadian Inventions That Changed the World

We are gradually moving towards an advanced world over time. Well, inventions play an important role in making our world better. Different countries have contributed inventions, but here we will specifically talk about the Canadian inventions that changed the entire world. Canada has already given us so many great celebrities, but here we will talk about Canadian inventions.

Canadian inventions refer to the techniques, processes, and objects that are discovered, innovated, and invented entirely or partially in Canada by a Canadian or an organization or company based in Canada. The National Research Council of Canada, otherwise known as NRCC, is an important body in the sphere of Canadian inventions.

This organization financially supported many projects that brought about a revolution in the world. There are so many Canadian inventions that it is very difficult to memorize all of them. This is why we have picked a few Canadian inventions that changed the world.

Computing and Animation


IMAX is an advanced movie camera system that provides an unforgettable, large format movie experience to audiences. It was co-invented by Robert Kerr, Roman Kroitor, and Graeme Ferguson in 1968.

Multi-dynamic Image Technique

Multi-dynamic image technique is an innovative technique used in the sphere of the movie industry. It is used to portray the simultaneous shift of multiple images. Christopher Chapman, a Canadian creator coined the name. This technique was first used in a film, A Place to Stand.

Key Frame Animation

Key frame animation is another technique that is inextricably associated with the filmmaking process. It defines the ending as well as the starting point of smooth animation. It is another Canadian invention that changed the filmmaking industry.

Food And Agriculture


Canola is a kind of mustard agent and it was invented by NRC personnel in the 1970s.


Pablum is a kind of processed cereal and it is made for infants. Pablum was co-created and marketed by a Canadian company, Mead Johnson Company. It was developed in 1931 at The Hospital for Sick Children to fight infant malnutrition.



Standing in the 21st century, we all are familiar with the walkie-talkie. It was invented by Alfred J. Gross and Donald L. Hings specifically for the army in 1942.

Atomic Clock

The atomic clock is a device that measures time far more accurately than a clock with gears alone. The National Research Council personnel developed it in 1960.

These are some remarkable Canadian inventions that changed the world and we hope that this article will be a helpful one for you.