Canadian Laws Regarding Possession of Alcohol

People who are older than 18 are considered adults according to the law of Canada, and they have to be sent to an adult court if they are not abiding by the law. 

Remember that if you disagree with any of the laws, get out and vote. Learning about the political parties in Canada is a great first step.

Alcohol Possession

If you are believed to have drugs, alcohol, or anything illegal onto you, the police can search you thoroughly. Even if they have the slightest hint that you did something wrong, they are allowed to do that. If they have probable cause, they will be able to search you to find evidence of the crime. 

If the police charge you with possession, you can face some serious consequences.

Penalty of Possession

If you have a criminal record, you will have trouble going to different countries, getting some specific jobs that require no criminal record, and also citizenship.

In the case of your first offense, you can ask the judge to give you a discharge. If you fulfill the conditions, or if you manage to fulfill the alternative measures that have been given to you, you can have a discharge.

Possession of Alcohol

In Canada, you are not allowed to have alcohol before the age of 19. Those under the age of 19 are called minors. The following rules apply to minors: 

  • It is illegal for a non-minor to buy alcohol and then give it to a minor. 
  • A minor is not allowed to enter any liquor store, whether private or government unless they are with a parent or a legal guardian. However, they are still not allowed to consume or be served any alcohol.

Minors are allowed to enter restaurant lounges, but they cannot be served alcohol at all.

Minors that are above the age of 16 are allowed to serve alcohol in restaurants. However, they are not allowed to open the alcohol bottles, pour the alcohol, or serve it. 

It is illegal to employ a minor for the job of serving or selling alcohol in a pub or a bar. 

Generally, it is illegal for minors to enter pubs or bars, but it is allowed in some cases.

No one is allowed to give or sell alcohol to a minor. People are also not allowed to let minors drink alcohol in their homes. The fine for this activity starts from $500, and the person responsible for the act is also responsible for any damage caused as a result of consumption. 

If a minor is provided alcohol by their parents, or their guardian, or their spouse, it may be done inside their homes. This exception does not apply to someone who wants to give alcohol to any minor who is inside their home and is not their parent, guardian, or spouse. 


Any minor who violates the above-mentioned laws has to face a ticket at least worth $230.

Keep in mind that trying to get away with alcohol consumption is a risky proposition. There are many ways to test if you have been drinking, like simply smelling your breath, performing a breathalyzer test, a field sobriety test, or even a blood test.