Canadian Politeness: Fact or Fiction

Canada is a beautiful country located in the northern part of America. The country is known for its modesty and politeness. It is often considered as one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Canadians are often labelled ‘nice and polite.’ If we specifically talk about the Canadian politeness, it is inextricably associated with the propensity to over-apologize. However, there is no real proof that Canadians do apologize more than others. It is often believed that Canadians commonly do apologize when someone bumps into them. However, if you are someone who wants to know more about the Canadian politeness, you must go through the following points:

In general, Canadians are the most unpretentious and friendly people. They know how to value sensitivity, humility, empathy, and honesty in their relationships with strangers as well as friends. They have respect for the privacy of others. However, it is also a fact that in mainstream Canadian society, most Canadians are unable to follow these dignified principles. Well, we have made a brief breakdown of this Canadian politeness.

Roles And Formalities

Canada is often considered as an egalitarian country. They are strong individualists. Respect for the hierarchy is not the only important thing for them. Canadians do not like too many changes in personality and behavior in order to please other people. They also do not promote an aggressive attitude. Canadian parents are also very supportive. They provide an adequate amount of freedom to their children, and they become very independent and outspoken from a very young age. They talk to their parents, teachers, and adults in the same way they do to their friends. Well, there is no change in the scenario when it comes to the relationship between employer and employee. They always maintain a friendly ambiance in the workplace where everyone can think that they are on the same level. It actually boosts productivity in the workplace.

Canadian Attitude

Canadians are very punctual. They are literal about schedules and time. If someone in Canada says to come at 4:00 pm, that person will expect his guest to be there exactly at 4:00 pm. Anything more than 15 minutes will be considered rude. In such a situation, explanation or apology is required. On the other side, earliness will cause an awkward situation as the guest will not be ready. Most Canadians do 9-to-5 jobs and at the weekend, they become very active and promote socialization. Middle fingers raised, elbows on the table, and thumbs down are some gestures that must be avoided in Canada.

So, this is all about Canadian politeness. We hope that this article would definitely help you to understand Canadian culture.