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Donald J. Trump for President

Cambridge Analytica, an analytic company has played a major role in providing President campaign to Donald Trump in 2016 election. With the help of experts and different analytical tools, the company helped Trump to get a victory in winning the White House. They approached social media platforms and sent a targeted message to most persuaded voters who cared about the elections and their favourite candidates. This allows them to acquire millions of data points which they had analyzed to their optimum efforts to identify the targeted users within a specific period of time. The company was able to collect the potential voters in a fraction of time with much lower cost than was spent by their rivals.
They were successfully able to perform the intelligent targeting and sophisticated messaging techniques for the Trump’s presidential campaign with the help of their three integrated teams, namely research, digital marketing and data science. They were operated together to identify the targeted audience segment and prepare a strategic marketing for boosting the dedicated programs like persuasion, fundraising and GOTV. They had tested the data insights they received from the social media marketing and deployed the most potential voters in the key battleground states.

Campaign Tools


The research team had a huge responsibility in organizing campaigns and polling voters in 17 states across the country. Thye monitored the campaign process they and analyzed the progress in real time. They started identifying the voters since they initialized the campaigns. They had targeted 15,000 people per week in each state and sent the insights report throughout the final months of campaigns. The total individuals that are polled during the campaigns are extreme which 180,000 in number. The research team had accumulated such bulk density from social media campaigns and telephone conversation.

Data Science

With the integration of data science and predictive analysis, they have built 20 custom data that could be used to predict the targeted audience behaviour. They matched the information of the audience with the database whenever they polled any individual. This helped them to analyze the public intention in choosing Mr Trump as a President of the nation. They use demographics to categorized the gender and age of the voters and focused on the particular which paid more attention in the campaign.

Digital Marketing

All advertisement and contributions that led to a successful execution of campaigns were governed by CA digital marketing team. They were responsible to organize all eight advertisements in a budget range of a client and participated in the campaigns to achieve the objectives of the company i.e. fundraising, persuasion and GOTV. They had collaborated with numerous ad tech companies and used their data infrastructure to represent captivating and reasonable ads. Ads influenced the market and helped CA to find out the most potential voters among the millions of crowds. The team used numerous platforms social media advertisement, search engine advertising and YouTube to seek voters intention towards the campaigns and make them motivated to give a vote in Trump’s favour.

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