Ted Cruz for President

A Sustained Voter Engagement Program

By the time of the Iowa caucus, Texas Senator Ted Cruz had gone from rank outsider to level with establishment favorite Marco Rubio and populist phenomenon Donald Trump. A sustained voter engagement program driven by CA modeling, analysis, and communication support helped Cruz to victory in Iowa and he emerged as the leading challenger to eventual nominee, Donald Trump.


A game-changing caucus book of key targets

The ‘Ted Cruz for President’ campaign engaged CA early on, making full use of our suite of products. We orchestrated a large-scale program of research and married the results with our nationwide database of demographic, consumer, lifestyle, and psychographic data of every adult in the United States.

Our data scientists then built models upon these data to predict the political affiliation, turnout propensity, candidate preference, Republican ideology, and importance of key social and political issues for every voter and prospective voter.

On the basis of these models, we segmented the population into groups of people for targeting with personalized messages. For high influence and key targets we created detailed information packs: 30,000 pages with one unique voter per page containing hard information, modeled scores, voter preference, and top issues.

CA publicly predicted the outcome of the Iowa caucus more accurately than every pollster in the United States, and provided a comparable level of accuracy via the campaign’s internal polls for every primary election.