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Donald J. Trump for President

Cambridge Analytica had conducted strategic political campaigns that aim at identifying targeted users that helped Donald Trump to win the White House. The analytical company had facilitated the Trump campaigns with competence and insights to identify his most potential voters throughout the country.
Cambridge Analytica had analyzed millions of data points by invariably identifying the targeted voters and their requirements. After that, they deployed targeted messages to their respective profiles multiple times in order to enable them towards action. They had able to complete this work in very less time and at very less cost than their rivals.
This intelligent targeting via trailblazing messaging technique help the President to accumulate the potential voters on different aspects of their requirements and issues they been facing of. Cambridge Analytica had used their three integrated teams to assist the campaign: research, digital marketing and data science.
The teams include a group of proficient members who were highly skilled on their respective fields. They hired PhD-caliber data scientists, congressional, seasonal strategist, campaign expert researchers, digital marketing strategist and content creators. They have worked hard consistently on identifying the targeted audience segments and establish an strategical marketing for conducting fundraising and GOTV programs. They had comprehensively analyzed their received data insights and deployed the key message to most potential voters in the battleground states.

Campaign Elements

Cambridge Analytica has used its all three major components to help Trump to win the US Presidential election:


They targeted 17 major states of the US and polled the voters every day, tracked the campaigning process in a real time. They had targeted to poll 1,500 people per week in each state and able to accumulate valuable insights for marketing strategy. They had made a report of their insights on daily basis and understands the perception of voters regarding the political campaigns. The analytical company had used social media and telephone to advertise their campaigns and totally polled 180,000 people across 17 battleground states.

Data Science

In order to predict the voter’s behaviour throughout the campaigning process, Cambridge Analytica had used data science and predictive analytics competence. Each and every polled voters’ data were matched with existing data in the company’s database and correlated with voting decisions to analyze the voters’ behaviour. They discovered their voting history right from their choices to cars they drive and estimated their perception regarding the election.

Digital Marketing

The company had collaborated with 30+ ad tech partners, and utilize their data infrastructure to identify the voters who could potentially give votes to Donald Trump. The target was to influence the voters by promoting the campaign with the help of advertisement so that it could support their requirements and are in accordance with their related issues. The platforms utilized for marketing operation are social media, YouTube and search engine advertising.


They had successfully able to identify the potential users out of 17 battleground states in very less time compared to their competitors and eventually perceived an extraordinary victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

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