The information is all about the achievement of CA in organizing electoral campaigns for the Kenyan presidential election. The election held in 2013 was proved to be the largest political research project in the history of East Africa. Cambridge Analytica had conducted a survey with a sort of different questionnaires in different places of the country and around 47,000 respondents participated in the interview. With this management, CA was able to withdraw a strategic campaign for the electorates based on their real requirements which include providing jobs, abolishing tribal violence, etc.The challenges in front of CA was tough as Kenya was about to see a new national election held after the electoral violence of 2008. Moreover, it was the first election which going to conduct under Kenya’s new constitution that again concentrates the constitutional boundaries and compelled to carry out the new requirements for the electoral campaigns. CA was in the situation where they had to change the entire process of campaigning presidential election. It is not all about the leaders but the local people who need to understand what kind of behaviour they should maintain to fulfil the requirement of the constitution.CA had been chosen by the some of the leading political leaders of Kenya in order to conduct a political project on a large scale. The aim of the CA at that time was to offer a comprehensive explanation of the political campaigns that could effortlessly help to shape the election strategy. This is the time where CA was more conscious regarding the campaigns allocation and the number of states going to provide targeted voters for the particular party. They conducted a meeting with local research partners and accord them to train an assorted team of enumerators to take over the data collection process in accordance with the regional variation, languages and social customs.With the use of research methodology and sampling approach, CA had designed a platform where numbers of respondent samples are carried out while conducting a survey. The survey includes questionnaires which help them to identify the actual taste of Kenyan over the political benefits and issues taking place within the country. It was very essential for CA to understand the requirement of Kenyan people so that they could represent the campaigns on such possessive directions. Within a space of three months, they were able to cover an overall sample of 47,000 respondents. Based on this survey, CA has analyzed the requirement of people throughout the country and set their targets accordingly. As this was their first attempt in political operations, CA has understood that their research tool was fir for conducting research samples in national level and intend to use it in other country’s electionsUsing the data analytic tools, CA had discovered all essential information that needs to comprehend before election such as electorate profiles, political issues, public behaviours and preferred information channels. Eventually, they run social media campaigns to identify the targeted voters for the presidential elections. The most followers in their online social media campaigning were the youths of Kenya. Cambridge Analytica has since shut down operations due to involvement in the 2016 United States presidential election.