Make America Number 1


Make America Number 1 (MAN1) is a political action committee that sought to achieve a meaningful impact on the 2016 Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential election.

Cambridge Analytica delivered data modeling, television targeting and placement, digital ad targeting and delivery, list building, and polling to Make America Number One’s (MAN1) project “Defeat Crooked Hillary” (DCH) with the goal of running a cost-efficient and effective nationwide operation.  


In order for MAN1 to be successful and impact the results of the 2016 presidential election they needed to locate the key voters that could swing the election and establish creative ways to reach and interact with this audience to move them to action. 

Through utilizing their vast troves of existing data on individual voters, constructing highly advanced data models, and prioritizing voters by their likelihood to vote and feelings of favorability towards each candidate, Cambridge Analytica created a unique “principal audience” of voters to target. This allowed MAN1 to focus efforts and funding on the truly undecided voters in key regions of the electoral map that would ultimately decide the race.  

Partnering data with creative, Cambridge Analytica’s creative team worked with MAN1 to compose messaging that distinctly imparted relevant content to the individual voter. Continuous combinations of language and imagery were tested through all platforms to ensure that the most cost-efficient and successful ads surfaced.

Promoted accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube were started from scratch and maintained to create an organic presence that allowed MAN1 to stay connected, interact with voters where they spend their own time and relay pertinent news as it happened.

Cambridge Analytica also used digital ads, nearly 1000 organic social media posts and television ads to strategically counteract the news and happenings of the campaign to strongly influence the narrative their principal audience was being exposed to.

The ability to swiftly react in real-time, draft focused creative, place ads in front of the right voters, and measure the impact of the ads made MAN1 an elite and influential political action committee. 


Cambridge Analytica executed a highly targeted, data driven, innovative, and financially transparent effort that ultimately led to a significant influence on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The success of the campaign garnered recognition from many national news outlets and received several awards, including taking gold in the Advertising Research Foundation’s 2017 David Ogilvy Awards in the “Big Data” category.

The results of this campaign are staggering, with Cambridge Analytica reaching 50 million Facebook users, creating 1.5 million impressions on Twitter, 3.3 million on Snapchat, accruing over 28 million views on their digital videos and millions more on ads expertly placed on the televisions of undecided voters across the country.

While others followed outsider polling and the mainstream media narrative that Hillary Clinton would comfortably win the presidency, Cambridge Analytica followed its own data that more accurately portrayed the electorate and enabled them to execute an enormously efficient, multi-million dollar ad spend.

Cambridge Analytica has since shut down due to involvement in the 2016 United States presidential election.