Thom Tillis

It was very important to identify the particular partisanship, turnout and issue importance of the audiences in the electoral race between the Republic Thom Tills and Democrat Kay Hagan in North Carolina. This is because both the political teams had influenced the locality to great extent with their power and other sources and target was to make a winning path for Thom Tills. That’s why the data analytical company Cambridge Analytica was contracted to provide a data analysis and modelled data in the campaigns to collect the personality profile for the North Carolina.

That was 2014 mid-election time when Cambridge Analytica was hired to harness the unique and targeted voters from the state. By building psychographic profiles for all targeted audiences in North Carolina, Cambridge Analytica was able to accurately forecast the issue importance, partisanship and turn out of the all voters. Depending on the modelled data results they produced a bulk of voters and utilized them in the political campaigns to boost the impact of campaigning. This helps them to develop tailored messages which have been directed towards those selected audiences. They had analyzed the registered voters who have a voting record in early elections. There they came to know that the national security is the major issue among the targeted voters in North Carolina. Cambridge Analytica had exploited the poor attendance record of Kay Hagan in terms of her Armed Services Committee hearings and eventually able to design and employ the messages tailored to the targeted audiences. The messaging was performed based on the audiences psychographic profiles. The entire set up was established through telecanvassing program which is an effective way to receive the attention of campaigns by personally making conversation with the potential voters. Cambridge Analytica has also carried out a direct mail campaign in a large scale to motivate and collect the likelihood of voting and voting Republican. As per their statistics result, they have contacted 123,138 individuals that improve the turnout to 12.5% greater than the existing one and eventually it led to a collection of over 15,478 potential voters.


With an extreme effort and utilizing the analytical tools and telecanvassing program, Cambridge Analytica has been able to predict the correct number of voters that was about to stand on the side of Thom Tills campaigns and help Thom Tills top win over Kay Hagan by two points. However, the competition was very close, Cambridge Analytica is proud that their corporation with Thom Tills election did not get wasted and committed to helping more clients with more powerful strategies.

Thom Tills views on Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting process

When a news reporter asked Thom Tills about issues going on with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica due to Trump’s presidential campaign, he said that Cambridge Analytica provided only limited services during his campaign in 2014 when he narrowly defeated Democrat Kay Hagan. He also said that Cambridge Analytica had used telecanvassing to increase the turnout which helps them to acquire some 16.000 voters in the race. He believes that services provided by Cambridge Analytica to his campaign were lawful and strictly used under the security policies.

Cambridge Analytica has since shut down due to involvement in the 2016 United States presidential election.