Check Out These Free Activities in Toronto

Canada is one of the most bewitching countries in the world and the countless activities for tourists in Toronto might be one of the main reasons behind this. Well, if you are planning to visit Toronto, this article would be helpful for you. Below we have added some free activities in Toronto for you to check out.

Art Gallery Ontario

One of the enjoyable free activities in Toronto is visiting Art Gallery Ontario (AGO). Admission is free after 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Inside you will find enchanting architecture, exposed wooden beams, and curvy designs extending from ceiling to floor. Moreover, there is an AGO gift shop. You will find postcards, books, prints, and many more things in the gift shop.

Eaton Centre

When you are surrounded by cold weather in Canada, you will often look for a warm place to hang out, and this is why we have added Eaton Centre here. It is a massive mall where you can do so many activities and most of them are free. Some alluring spots are Call It Spring, Indigo Books, Roots, Aroma Espresso, Jimmy the Greek, and more.


The PATH is a kind of underground series of tunnels that is accessible from various areas of Toronto. You can check out the spooky yet alluring ambiance without spending a single penny. Additionally, you can get to the PATH through the Eaton Centre, making your evening more dynamic by visiting both these places at the same time.

Beaches Public Library

If you are devoted to books, you must visit this place which is probably one of the most fascinating libraries in Toronto. Yes, you have heard it right and the best part is that visiting this library is completely free.You can grab a desk, experience a peaceful ambiance, observe the unique architecture, and read books.

Woodbine Beach

Experiencing natural freshness is probably one of the greatest free activities that you can do in Toronto and therefore, we have mentioned Woodbine Beach, which is the largest beach in Toronto. Here, you will get to see Martin Goodman Trail and the Boardwalk, which will enhance your overall experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these free activities as early as possible.