Doctors Urge Boost In Nurses’ Pay Amid Shortage

This pandemic situation has already made certain jobs more complicated and difficult. Amid this difficult situation, many front-line nurses have left their job. They were feeling less safe and the job became difficult for them. As a result, a shortage of health workers was created in a few regions. It even forced the hospitals located in rural areas to close their operations.

In Ontario, the emergency room doctors are requesting the province to increase the pay for the nurses who are involved in critical care. Actually, the staffing shortage has led to a dangerous situation and it is squeezing the hospitals. According to a report presented by CBC, almost 350 physicians gave their signatures on an open letter. They want the province should rethink the salary of the nurses. The salary of the nurses who are involved in critical care should increase annually by one percent for the next three years. The pandemic has added complications and difficulties to the lives of the nurses and therefore, they are quitting and burning out.

Doctors are of the opinion that nurses who have been helping people in this pandemic situation deserve more. The salary should be increased. They signed an open letter and according to them, the emergency department is facing a crisis. This is happening not because of the lack of beds or ventilators. This is actually happening due to the shortage of nurses.

Dr. Christopher Keefer who is one of the emergency medical workers told CBC News that they are visualizing the suffering of their nursing colleagues. The situation will become more complicated if the Province does not think about the boost in the Nurses’ pay. It will eliminate the crisis issue.

If we talk about the emergency department, it is all about a team sport. The staffs rely on each other. However, in this pandemic scenario, the nurses are quitting their jobs in a very unprecedented manner. The physicians signed the letter not only of their respect and love for the nurses. They are doing this because this shortage situation is actually hampering patient care.

Well, nurses are actually highly-skilled workers who follow the orders of doctors. Now, in this crisis situation, the patients are not getting enough care. The vital signs of the patients are not being checked. It is not only unsatisfactory but also leading to a dangerous situation.

Ontario Nurses’ Association is of the opinion that the vacancy rate for nurses is increasing day by day. It is important to take care of yourself with exercise, rest, healthy food and supplements—such as products produced by CoreMed, but the work of healthcare professionals is also indispensable.