Don’t Miss These Canadian Winter Destinations

There is no doubt that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is rich in alluring nature reserves, dense forests and enchanting natural landscapes. You might be surprised to know that almost 10% of forests in the world are found in Canada. In many of these regions, you will also enjoy the county’s amazing snowfall. So if you are someone who is looking for a destination in Canada for winter, you are in the right place.

Mount Edith Cavell

Mount Edith Cavell is located in Jasper National Park, Alberta. It is one of the most preferred destinations to spend winter in Canada. You will get to see some of the most alluring peaks here. If you love cross-country ski trails, this destination will be ideal for you. There are different difficulty levels that will help you to feel more comfortable and gain valuable experience for not just you but the entire family! At the foot of the north face of the mountain, you will see the Angel Glacier. It got its name thanks to being a geological marvel that looks like an angel spreading its wings.


Whistler is another beautiful winter destination in Canada. It is located in British Columbia, which sees the most snowfall during the year. However, if we specifically talk about Whistler, it is one of the best places for winter lovers. The place has become popular after the Winter Olympics in 2010. In the winter, you will experience a never-ending festival. There are several fun activities that you can do in Whistler features such activities as skidooing, luge runs, ice-climbing, dogsled rife, and many more. Moreover, there is a bobsled track that remains open to the public.

Bow Valley

Bow Valley, located in Banff, Alberta, is one of the most popular winter destinations in Canada. If you love hiking, this place will be one of your first choices. Yes, you can go hiking, and you will be able to see some stunning views from the top of many exciting mountains. In the winter, you can enjoy the Winterstart Festival. Moreover, there are various outdoor activities that you can do, such as ski races, hiking, and many more. You can also enjoy the theatre and concerts.

So, these are some beautiful Canadian winter destination. We hope that you would definitely visit these places.