Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Leading To ID Theft

Before the arrival of the vaccine for COVID-19, the situation was different. Even, after making the vaccine available to people, the world is dealing with a new issue. People across the nation are making fake COVID-19 vaccination cards in order to skip the COVID vaccine shots. Apparently, you might think that it is a normal thing; however, it can lead to ID theft. This is completely illegal and people are intentionally committing this mistake.

If you go through recent newspaper headlines, you will get to know about these events. At present, there are different organizations across the nation looking for COVID vaccines for their stuff. People who do not want to take shots of vaccines are making fake cards. You might be shocked to know that people are making a good amount of money from fake COVID-19 vaccine cards. If you are buying a fake card, you are committing a crime. You will have to make your own card. People who are actually caught in this event are fined $5000. They might have to spend one year in prison. 

Federal Trade Commission has identified another threat. According to them, people who are making fake cards for those people who do not want to take shots are actually selling their data to the black market. Thus, they are earning more money. This is called identity theft. If you are making fake COVID-19 test result, your data could also be used.

Well, if you are someone who has been vaccinated legitimately and if you lose your vaccination card, you will not have to worry. You do not need to make a fake card in such a situation. You can ask the health care provider for another vaccination card. Now, if you have got your vaccine from any mass vaccination center or pharmacy, you can get your details from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

In reference to the fake vaccination cards, the Federal Trade Commission offered advice. We have added them below:

  • The best way to get proof that you are vaccinated is by taking the shots of the vaccine. The vaccine will remain free and it is the most efficient way to deal with the pandemic situation. It will certainly mitigate the risk of having COVID-19.
  • If you lose your vaccination card, you do not have to worry. You will get another card from the health department. Or, you can visit the place from where you got the vaccine.

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