Google FlightsGoogle Flight Alerts [Track Flight Prices]

Google Flight Alerts [Track Flight Prices]

Everyone loves to travel with the efficient utilization of miles and points that allow them to reach the destinations without paying any charges. Sometimes it just makes more sense to purchase a ticket for your itinerary. If you’re not flexible with the travel dates and want to find an extra cheap ticket, you can purchase your airfare.

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Google Flights price alert feature is very helpful for you to find cheap flights. If you couldn’t able to find saver level award seats and very reluctant to book a flight with airline miles, you just rather purchase a ticket for your travel and save air miles for a better value later. With the help of Google Flights Alerts handy tool, you can easily track prices for flights which helps you to take decision on best time to book the tickets. Including this feature, it will send email notifications with price alerts when the ticket prices will likely to be increase or drop.


How to Set Google Flight Alerts

If you want to set alerts for getting updated information of Google Flights prices, you’re required to consider some steps including provide your travel information, choose the dates, click on Track Price button, view all, view the flights you’re tracking, and monitor your email.

  • Enter Your Travel Information

Initially, you’re required to enter the basic travel information that constitutes origin airport, number of passengers, and destination airport.

  • Choose the Dates

In the second step of setting Google Flights Alerts, you need to enter your travel dates. Based on your flexible dates, Google’s drop-down calendar will help you to get the current cheapest prices very easily.

  • Click on Track Prices Button

You can view the track prices button above your flight search results. Accordingly, click on the OFF toggle in order to start tracking flights that match your search flights. Google will automatically notify you if there are any changes to the prices of your chosen flights. However, you must sign in with Google account in order to track the flights.

  • Click View All button

On the Track Prices box, you can click on View All button in order to see all the flights that you want to track. Using this link, you can see all the flights that you’re tracking. You can also track the flights you’ve tracked in the past.

  • View the Flights You’re Tracking

You can view Google’s data on the flights that you’ve asked it to track. It will not tell you much information immediately once you’ve set an alert. You can see how the prices have changed. You can also view how the prices changed with Google’s line chart. It will notify you when your flight prices will likely to increase and it will also send notifications right before it predicts an increase.

  • Monitor Your Email

Additionally, Google will email you alerts if the price of flight decreases. You don’t have to waste your time checking throughout the day. For example, the ticket price was decreased $44. For good measure, it listed a couple of other similar flights to get help to see many more options. You can click “Manage Price Tracking” button at the bottom of your email notification for flight tracking with the line graphs. If you don’t need alerts from Google Flights anymore, you can go to “Unsubscribe from Emails”.

What are the Deficiency Features in Price Alerts

Google Price Alerts is more beneficiary to check out the price drops and rises for your saved itineraries. But it lacks in a couple areas such as no historical data and price alert thresholds.

No Historical Data

Google only focusing on providing historical data for certain flights after you processed the request. Before that, you need to wait for several days to know any kind of airfare trend. Alternatively, other travel sites like Kayak that allows you to access previous data immediately whether to decide purchase your ticket or not. This website is very helpful if your travel dates are relatively in the future. Through this online platform, you can create an email price alert.

Price Alert Thresholds

In general, airline prices can swing with more frequent. If you’d like to set a certain dollar amount on your Google Email Alerts, it will not show any price alerts until the price change is over to that amount. In this way, it lacks in providing efficient alerts for users.

Let Google intimate you Best Flights

Among all these features, one important aspect of Google Flights is that best flights. For instance, it will inform you what it thinks are the best flights. Additionally, it will list out the flights with best deals according to the chosen itineraries, price, number of stops, duration, and other factors like amenities and baggage fees.

Flexible Travel Dates

Whether you may want to travel more for business purpose or you’re a seasoned traveller, you can consider a couple of tips and tricks to save your money. The important note is that if you have more than one nearby airports, you must ensure that check out all of the airports. Most often, you may find cheaper fares for small and regional airports. You might discover that you can save more money on parking too. Sometimes, you may not have flexibility to plan for specific dates to travel due to business travelling or need to attend the conference urgently. In this case, please you do not book the tickets until you’ve made some research on flight tickets. In traditional days, it will be very tough task for customers. But, you can use the right and left arrow keys next to the dates with Google Flights and it makes nearly instant adjustments.

Track Price Trends

Track Price Trends feature is different from Price Alerts. Specifically, it gives you real-time price changes for your chosen specific flights or destination cities. You can also consider Google’s insider tips and tricks to save the money for your travel and it advises you on days when will you can save money.

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