Google FlightsGoogle Flights [FAQ]

Google Flights [FAQ]

If you’ve faced struggles to find the flights for your itinerary as it involves multiple carriers and not able to book the tickets on airline travel websites, you can recommend to use Book with a Travel Agent option. Google Flights Travel Agent is someone who assists you to proceed booking a fare efficiently. If you’ve booked the flights and doing a guided tour or cruise through Antarctica with a tour operator, you can consider Google Flights with Travel Agent option which may helpful to visit all places without paying any charges.

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Book Flights on Google

While searching for flights on Google, you can have an option to book the tickets with an airline or online travel agency based on the websites. Instead of taking help from Travel Agent, you can log into your account with Google, you can accomplish the booking of tickets very quickly and securely by using contact and payment info stored in your account.

How to Book Flights on Google Without the need of Travel Agent

Primarily, you just search for flights on Google and select the Book on Google option once you’ve selected a flight. In the next step, enter your passenger details like name, gender, birth date, email address, and telephone number. Later, click on continue button which directed you to choose a stored payment method or new one for payment process. Additionally, review your personal details and flights itinerary to ensure the entered information is correct. Finally, book your tickets very easily without any hassles.

After You Book the Flights

If you’ve completed the process of booking tickets for particular flights, Google will pass your information including payment details to travel agency or airline agency. Once the booking process is finished, you will receive email notification from the airline organization or online travel agency. This received email included the content of details about your reservation and the airline’s or online travel agency’s contact information. If you didn’t receive email from online travel agency, you make sure that check out the spam or junk folder.

Due to some specific reasons, you may want to change or cancel your reservation, you can contact the airline or online travel agency directly or through a telephone number. For suppose, if you didn’t get an email with the confirmation code, you can check your spam or contact the travel agency agents directly if you’d booked the flight on online travel website. If you’ve booked the flight on Google instead of visiting on online travel agency’s website, you may contact the customer service associates.

Seats, Amenities, and Baggage

If you’ve been completed the booking process, you can choose seats, or other options for your trip directly with the airlines.

How to Select Seats

Based on the confirmation flight, you can visit the airline’s site and select available seats using your last name and confirmation code within your fare class. If you’ve any queries relevant to the allowance of pets or amenities, you can directly contact the airline directly without any hesitation.

Fees for Checked Baggage

Airlines has different rules and regulations for fees and checked baggage as well as limitation on carry-ons. In this situation also, you can contact the airline travel agency where you’ve confirm your flight.

Tips for Finding Best Flights with Google Flights rather than Contact the Travel Agent

Google offers you many tips and tricks for searching or choosing best flight among available flights. Excluding the help from travel agent, you can consider cost-saving features or tools of Google Flights. You might know about different features such as discover destinations, price alerts, calendar view, flexible dates, search by airline, hotel bookings, explore the world and top destinations, using regions to find the best flight, and in-flight details at fingertips.

Find the Cheapest Flights with Flexible Dates Feature

With the calendar view, you can know the date when the prices will be dropped down. For example, if you chosen Nov 6th date to travel to New Zealand from Auckland, it may show you another date in which the price is low. In this way, you can save your money easily. But, you may not find the ideal dates with calendar view. You can go to flexible dates feature which let you to see prices for departure and return dates. Flexible dates facilitates you to get more options in a week or month.

Price Graph

Sometimes, you don’t have an option to select a particular month or period of time to go to vacation. In this case, you can use price graph feature which allows you to estimate when will be the prices increase or drop for your entered departure and arriving points.

Explore Places with Discover Destinations Tool

Discover Destinations tool is very helpful to find best flights to explore places that you might not have thought of. For that, you’re required to enter your departing airport and dates. Based on this analyzation, it will show you popular cities and lowest airfares. With the map view, you can view the places with its airfares.

Receive Alerts when Prices will drop

If you’re planning a trip in advance and you can afford to wait for prices to be down, you can consider either track flights for any airline or you can choose to track flights which are specific ones. According to the entered information, it will send alerts to your registered email if the price drops for your chosen flights.

Optimize Your Miles for Specific Airlines or Alliances

If you’ve an airline or want to book the tickets within a certain alliance, you can specifically search for flights. In this case, it’s better to use your points with a certain airline or use a credit card that transfers points.

Explore a City with New Layover Feature

For suppose, if you want to go from Los Angeles to Miami, you can consider 1-way to keep it easy. Accordingly, enter your particular date and duration, you can see a list of all possible connections for your travel including layover cities.

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