Google FlightsGoogle Flights Features – Everything You need to Know!

Google Flights Features – Everything You need to Know!

Predominantly, Google Flights is a quick and user-friendly search engine tool to check out for flights. As similar as the leading travel agencies like Expedia and, it is providing available flights based on your preferred travel dates, the number of passengers, departure and arrival cities, and class of service.

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With the one click, you can find different types of flights along with their current prices. The main variation between Expedia and Google Flights is nothing but Google Flights doesn’t sell the airline tickets directly to you. It navigates you to the airline’s website directly for booking the seats. Using this easier interface, you can easily find the best airlines for your itinerary without any hassles.


Google Tips

Google will try to offer suggestions for you to search for flights in a way that you can save the money. For suppose, if you want to travel from Atlanta to Portugal, you can save $48 by flying into Madrid with the help of Google Flights. During your search for flights at Google Flights, a few tips and tricks may helpful for you to look for best one such as search by place, destination, price range, and more. Additionally, you can also consider built-in features of Google Flights which included flexible date calendar, pricing tracker, and tip bar.

Best Flights

Each and every travel portal has their own features but Google Flights search engine tool ensures you to get best flights so that you can save both time and money. For each search, it will suggest you to consider two or three different flights which are having cheap airfares, decent flight times, incidental fees like amenities and checked bags, and the number of stops. These flights are not always cheapest travel destinations to fly but pretty close to your specified requirements. You can scroll down beneath the showed best flights suggestions to choose an alternative airport or carrier.

Discover Destinations

With the Discover Destinations function, you can search for best flights and this feature is available beneath the flight search field on home page of Google Flights. Once you entered the travel information subsuming desired carriers, travel dates, and your spending limit, it will automatically provide you the price point information on the Discover Destinations map. Eventually, you can also customize discover destinations based on dates, times, places, and interests about your travel which are located immediately underneath the Discover Destination title. Additionally, Google will provide you destinations along with the average fare price next to each city name. You can also view more flight information at these recommended destinations by simply clicking on the city name on the map or information boxes.

Search by Carrier or Airport

Google offers you another way to search for flights in which you’re required to include or exclude specific carriers or airports. For that, all you need to do is click on Airline or more button which are located underneath the dates on the flight search tab. Accordingly, it will show the results from that alliance, airline, or airports. Search through alliance is very useful than other search engines because they require to select each carrier individually.

Flexible Travel Dates

Flexible travel dates is a great feature at Google Flights that monitors the daily prices if you’ve already flexible dates to travel. Here, you need to choose departure or arrival dates when you search for flights. According to your chosen dates, it will show you the best flight prices.

Receive Far Price Alerts

Whether you make a plan to travel your itinerary and still thinking about to take a decision to do the purchase a ticket. In this case, it will allow you to receive price alerts to your phone or registered email. Based on the assessment of predictive algorithms and prior price trends, it will provide you how much the prices of airlines will likely to be increase or drops and how soon it will happen. You should make a note that these alerts will not available for every route but they can help the users extremely. These alerts can be viewed when you browse and after you’ve chosen a feature of tracking price alerts.

Track Flight Price Trends

Google Flights has a cool feature of ability to track the historical prices of airlines. With this feature, it will forecast the prices of airlines very easily. Based on that, you can determine prices for particular itineraries yourself as Google Flights. This trick is very helpful for the people who will be likely to travel same route periodically for business or their own work. In order to track the prices, you just simply choose the flight itinerary and click on Track Price button before you choose a departing flight. Once you’ve been activated this feature for your account, Google will automatically update the price trends with a rolling graph. Until the flight takes off from departure location, it will send you price forecasts graph. By using this graph, you can estimate the prices of your future flights and predict your own price dip.

Explore Map

The most easier and favourite feature of Google Flights is “I’m feeling lucky” button on explore map option. The explore map feature is an easier way to get quicker view of flight prices when you’ve flexibility to choose a particular departure or destination locations. By clicking on the I’m feeling lucky button, it will show you some places that thinks you will enjoy. You can sort out the searches by typing some places like Asia, Spain, UK, Switzerland, etc. For suppose, if you don’t like its recommendations of places, you can keep on clicking the button to get more places.

Tip Bar

If you’re not sure to book the tickets and want to track the prices of specific flights, you can consider Tip Bar option which let you to see the savings. Pertinently, Google will send you price alerts and travel tips to your email account for further assistance. Finally, Google Flights does a great job to quickly find among all flight combinations for your travel. It is an efficient way to brainstorm your next vacation and track the prices also whenever you want to go.

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