Google FlightsGoogle Flights Review – Know Pro’s n Con’s – Compare with Other Travel Agents

Google Flights Review – Know Pro’s n Con’s – Compare with Other Travel Agents

Google Flights has many tricks hidden in its simple interface and it offers different kinds of tips and tricks to find cheapest flights and save money. If you’ve planned for a trip or wanted to go somewhere with the help of Google Flights, you just need to enter basic information that included enter your destination and dates so that it will sort out the cheapest airlines to get best travel for your itinerary. With this, you may not making best use of it. There are a wide variety of tips and tricks to find the cheapest flights possible. As well as it has both pros and cons for looking the best flights.

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  • Easily compare the airfares on different dates.
  • View best deals for different places using Discover Destinations tool.
  • Automatically intimate you when will the prices of flights likely to be increase or drop.


  • It does not show all the budget carriers.
  • There is no hotel and flight bundle deals.
  • You may not find the absolute cheapest airfares.

google flights review

Google Flights Features or Tips You Should Consider

Before booking the flight tickets for your itinerary, you must not ignore available tips and tricks at Google Flights because you may miss the chance to save money or best travel with all comforts like lower airfares and best flight. Google Flights tips or cost-saving features involved calendar view, price alerts, prices tracker, discover destinations, alternative airports, using regions to search for flights, and in-flight details at your fingertips.

Flexible Dates

If your chosen has highest airfares, you can view calendar airfares so that you can travel on another day with lowest airfares. Whether you may want to know airline prices for each day of the month. For that, you can enter your destination location and specific dates to travel. It will automatically popup the prices for calendar view of set dates. As you change the dates, it will repopulate the prices. For suppose, if you want to travel from New York to Los Angeles on April 6th. But it will show the cheapest airfares on April 10th based on the calendar view. If you’re not able to find the ideal dates through calendar view, you can opt for flexible dates feature that lets you to view prices for all departure and return options. Flexible dates give you the best dates to travel in a week or month.

Price Graph

Whether you may not have decided to travel for a vacation or not able to choose a specific month. For example, you may want to go for a vacation to New York and want to know which is the best time to travel in this year. To get information about flight, you just need to enter departure and arriving points and click on price graph option. By analyzing the price graph, you can take a decision for choosing a particular month to travel.

Explore Places with Discover Destinations

Discover Destinations is a great option to explore more places for your vacation or trip with your friends or family. You’re required to provide basic travel information including your departing airport and dates that you want to travel. According to your entered information, it will show you popular cities and lowest airfares. With the map view, you can explore more places with zoom in option and see the prices of cities. You can also go for “I’m feeling lucky” and it offers you a destination for your dates and assessing the historical data your history or popular ones.

Price Alerts

If you’re planning for a trip and you can’t afford to put highest prices for your destination. In this case, you can wait for price drops. It works when you’ve set for particular dates on travel. After that, click on track prices button on the web page or else track the flights what you’ve liked to travel. Accordingly, it will show you the results and pick the best one among available flights for whichever one drops the price.

Alternate Airports

Google Flights also give you suggestions for choosing other alternative airports and the cost to fly into that instead. For suppose, the flights from LAX to JFK are pretty expensive and you can select other alternative airports so that you can save money.

Use Regions Feature for Your Flight Search

If you’re going beyond the country or cities, you can use regions feature in which you can type the keywords like Latin America, North America, South America, Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Balkans, Eurasia, Middle East, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

Google Flights Comparison with Other Travel Agents

Besides Google Flights, there are many other travel agent services such as Expedia, Kayak, Skyscanner, Orbitz, and Priceline.

  • Skyscanner: As it is travel search engine, Skyscanner has a lot of similar features like Google Flights including calendar view of prices and explore destinations, etc. Sometimes, Skyscanner gives you lowest airfares for your travel when compared to Google Flights so it’s better to use this tool to compare prices before booking the ticket.
  • Kayak: Kayak is one of the most comprehensive travel search engines. It has been provided the flights and hotels packages for travelers so that they can save money. With its explore feature, you can view prices to different destinations. You can also view a prices of car rentals and it offers you lowest prices for car rentals.
  • Expedia: It is usually designed to provide you the lowest prices. But, it doesn’t have calendar view feature to show the best prices for different dates. Due to lack of this feature, you can go for Google Flights to find the cheapest flights. Expedia is better in offering flights, cars, and hotel packages for travelers. You can make a deal with purchasing of a bundle at once.
  • Orbitz: Usually, Orbitz is a one-stop shop for your vacation. It gives you deals on activities along with the flights, car rentals, hotels, and cruises. It provides vacation rentals as a more unique alternative to hotels.
  • Priceline: Google Flights and Priceline prices are very comparable but Priceline has not a feature of calendar view. It is famous for finding the bundle deals including flights, car rentals, and hotel. You can also make best hotel deals with the help of Priceline. Accordingly, it has a feature of “Name Your Own Price” wherein you name the price that you want to pay and it will offer you first hotel which accepts your bid.

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