Google FlightsGoogle Flight’s User Interface Departs from Travel Inspiration

Google Flight’s User Interface Departs from Travel Inspiration

Google has been focused on releasing of a new desktop interface for its Google Flights Meta search product. Basically, this new interface on Google Flights offers you more easier and convenient accessing of its tools by retaining the core functionality as same. Most of the users who visit Google Flights in the United States of America on the Chrome web browser are being prompted to click on the right hand side of the web page to get new experience.

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The candidates who use Safari and Firefox were not still getting to access the option as of publication time. The total design of this new interface is simpler with many of the options in order to customize search upfront removed. In 2016, Google Flights had redesigned the platform in which it modified front-and-centre as a flexible destination search interface.


Until now, the visitors of desktop in the sense that the people who uses online browser to book the tickets on Google Flights would view a prominent discover destinations box. Pertinently, users can check out possible or efficient itineraries based on location, time, and general time periods. It is merely showing three popular destinations from the biggest airport based on assessment of your current location. It’s not clear for everyone how Google will show three spots.

After making repeated tests through laptop based on logged-in and logged-out searches, it had proved that results varied. In conclusion, we can say that Google Flights provide the three destinations from a list of most popular destinations which are from a specific airport. Previously, Google has figured out that its flight searches having faster response times than other competitors in the current market. But, other companies countered that it is partly able to provide faster response on flight searches by not offering its own inventory as like other competitors. Additionally, it spends more on caching or saving airfares according to the recent searches as a way to speed up the search results than any other rival.

Moving Options Around Google Flights

Amid of all the available options at Google Flights, map option takes more prominence owing to its features like showing off three popular destinations and gives you more detailed information about airports if you click anywhere on the map. It offers you map based interface of possible places to travel in addition to the quotes of recent low airfares to those spots. The main landing page is an option to view a flexible date search in a matrix format. Now, it appears as an alternative option to search for flights once user has completed a search and moving to a listing option. The organization continuously providing the sale of itineraries through separate tickets wherein users need to check out if they’ve luggage and on each leg of a trip.

Creates friendly Environment

Google Flights always strives to making footprints on meta search environment with user friendly environment. The new interface including supplier friendly in which it shows a box at the top of listings which are promoting premium economy seating. When you click on the shown box, you can able to filter out bare bones and discounted tickets from the results something that airlines prefer. But other competitors like Kayak ,momondo and Skyscanner don’t make this is a prominent option.

Google Flights doesn’t having the option of filter to view only basic economy fares. It is supplier friendly in another way that it appears to drive more volume traffic to airlines in the percentage of its search traffic when compared to other meta search competitors. In explanation to this, you can consider an example which included the first three months of a year and service saw a 27 percentage increment in unique visitors based on Jumpshot record results which is a marketing analytics company.

Additionally, the majority of dealings or its referrals in the U.S. directly related to U.S. airlines. Whereas other meta search competitors tend to refer a majority of visitors to online travel agencies in order to complete the booking process. However, direct referrals may retain the user to get ownership of the customer by passing the customer directly to airlines website to accomplish the transaction while booking the tickets. Its beta version offers the vital information of when the prices will rise and by how much prices will increase.

Earlier, it had announced that it will come up with the refreshed Maps product. Prior to this month, it would debut a refresh of its Google Hotels product. As well as, the organization focuses on expanding its flights and hotel products across the world. Since launching in India 2015, it has provided the inventory of carriers such as Vistara, Jet Airways, and travel portal and Cleartrip. It is mysterious to know when will be the new look standardized for all users across the globe.

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