Google FlightsGoogle Flights Vs Expedia

Google Flights Vs Expedia

You may think that many different websites will give you identical flight search results. But it shows alternative tools when using particular online travel sites according to your requirements like interests, flight options, destinations, flexible dates, and more.

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Google Flights is Best for Responsiveness

When you’re doing flight searches on entire day, responsiveness should be considerable feature. It is certainly responsive on mobile and desktop. Whereas other sites like Expedia take sometime to provide the information about flights and it laboriously churn out the data. Google Flights also highlights the best options relevant to flight options and it provides you cheaper flights that are closer to your travel dates and allows you to track prices through email alerts. For suppose, if you’re travelling to Europe and the reserved flight may delayed, it sometimes amusingly provide the points out you instead take the train.


Expedia is Best for Fast Filtering Results

It is not a pretty site that it merrily flings banners and distractions and results show up on the screen. When you browsing the site, it annoyingly insists you to telling how many people are looking at and booking the similar flights. Fortunately, Expedia allows the users to filter out the important details. It has been provided nearby airports that lurk in pop-up menus and checkboxes which are crammed into a space for choosing favourite airlines and departure times. It also saves the data and all of your searches related to your itineraries handily whether you’re not logged in or not. As just the ticket, you can able to get a chance upon amazing price, do further searches, and later you need to dig out the flight searches.

Google Flights is another great option for travel searches and it helps you to get the usual quick and simple search experience for everything. It uses the powerful meta search data which is empowered by ITA Matrix software technology in order to find all the various prices and flight times instantly. For a route of Chicago to Tucson, you can get lowest cost of $319 with Google Flights.

It displays the results very quickly when you entered the information related to your travel including interests, flight options, particular date and destination. Whereas other travel websites like Expedia is contrary to the Google Flights and you are required to wait for several seconds for the results to populate. If you want to choose the flights separately for departure and arrivals, you better to go with Google Flights because other online websites may not give you this facility. Accordingly, Expedia offers you all packages that included arrival and departure combinations. With the use of Google Flights, you need to choose the departing flight that best fits for your schedule and it will show you the lowest airfares for your specific flight.

Once you chosen the particular departure flight, you are taken to a screen with best flights along with the return flights at Google Flights. However, the cheapest flights are listed on first and the more expensive flights are in ascending order. Whether you want to book the flight tickets for round-trip, multi-city or one-way fare, you can easily get done with Google Flights and also it allows you to track prices through online website. Additionally, you can receive email alerts when the prices will get rise or drop down for your destination.

Why Google Flights Searches Threaten Expedia

Recently, the travel related search market became more competitive when Google added flights search engine tool. It allows the users to view flight schedules, available airlines, and flight duration. But, the main drawback is that it will not provide any information relevant to airfares and seat availability. Instead of that, it provides the links to the airlines’ websites wherein user can proceed to do booking the tickets.

As it announced that it doesn’t want to plan for future to offer bookings, the additional information about search results could show a significant impact on online travel agencies like Expedia.

After analyzing the flight airfare with the leading booking sites, it is found that momondo offers the cheapest airfare of all. Want to booking flights via momondo? Read the complete guide on how to book cheap flights

Google Flights schedule is accompanied with links to airlines websites in order to make bookings and it drives visitors away from online travel agencies. When the airlines’ online websites provide the best airfares without any booking fees. Additionally, it offers bundle air tickets with offers on hotel bookings and car rentals into a comprehensive travel plan. Air ticket bookings at Google Flights make up at least two thirds of overall bookings at Expedia.

Expedia Pros and Cons

The first and most obvious advantage for Expedia is price. The prices found on this website often less expensive than the listed on other hotel online websites. Many hotel brands commit to the best rate guarantee.

Ease of Use

The other benefit is ease of use especially for the consumers when comparing several hotels. It ensures that your website is user-friendly and it enables you price comparing. It could attract the brand consumer who is looking for ease.


When users book the tickets through third-party sites, they will not able to use or earn points through hotel loyalty programs. Another perk for consumers booking is the online booking system that hotel brands offer. Users can able to create an account and save preferences, making for an easy reservation system each and every time. The other disadvantages are poor customer service and hard to change reservations.

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