Google FlightsComparison Between Google Flights and Kayak

Comparison Between Google Flights and Kayak

Google Flights is a good competitor to many other online travel agencies like Expedia, kayak, Travelocity, and many other websites. For a quick comparison between Google Flights Vs Kayak, you can able to find that Google is faster and simpler. Whereas Kayak gives you the results that included more comprehensive and providing better fare map for various flight options.

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At Google Flights, you can view the pages with higher responsiveness in the sense that the pages will be loaded within 8 seconds which is faster than the Kayak online website. However, this may not seem like a lot but when you’re doing more repeated searches and adjustments it is noticeable. You can also view all outbound flights when you’re searching for flights on Google.


If you’ve selected the ticket for reaching the destination, it will show you return flights which are available with that outbound ticket. The feature of displaying return flights is better than Kayak’s presentation because Kayak only shows the pairs of flights for the destination and date that you’ve selected. With the use of this feature, you will get to see all the flights listed with all their matching return flights. This simplified view is better with a lot of redundancy.

Kayak’s Results

Through Kayak online travel agency, you can get a US Airways flight departing at 6.15 am if you’re searching for flight from Miami to Dallas in late October. Google Flights was showing the earliest flight at 6.50 am. However, the earliest cost of flight is twice as much as the later one. But, some people want to make a schedule for earlier flights and it is more important than cost. Google has announced that it is limited to the flight searches.

Fare Map

Both online travel agencies offer travelers a useful tool that including a map view which shows the airfares for different destinations from a chosen departure city. For example, if you’re living in New York, you can view that the lowest fare to Charleston which costs $160. Additionally, a flight to Funafuti Atol in Tuvalu will set you back less than $2,690. Google’s results are limited with map point and Kayak’s map is densely packed with cities and other destinations.

Kayak offering usual fare matrix in which you can view number of stops on one axis and airlines information on another axis. Whereas Google Flights slices up the data in two interesting and useful ways. The initial way is included a matrix that has price on one axis and overall flight time on another. Based on cost and duration, it sliding up, down and around the axes filters flights. The other way is a bar graph which included a calendar. Using this graph, you can see the prices for round-trip fares on different dates. For instance, if you leave one day earlier, your fare will be cheaper by $100 and it will be dropped down $200 when you want to leave on next day.

Google Launches it’s own Flight Search

Google implemented its own flight search engine with the help of ITA software technology and the product was finally launched which was overwhelming to say the least. This developed product has a speed of search that was immense but the coverage of flights are totally disappointing based on its reviews. acquires the Kayak flight search engine which was closely monitoring the state of affairs and decided to sell at higher price than Google.

Kayak flights had relied on other data sources for search results such as Amadeus which is not comprehensive as ITA software technology.

Kayak Pros and Cons

Kayak provides many advantages to travelers such as comprehensive results and explore feature. Through comprehensive results, you can able to search for possible flights to ensure that you don’t miss out the best options. Among other competitive online travel agencies, it helps you to get more comprehensive results. One of the main benefit with Kayak is that it facilitates you to consider many available travel options that means you are not restricted to choose a single vendor and can compare the various booking fees and more.

Explore feature is a fantastic tool from which you can plan your trip while finding the best flights. According to your parameters like how much willing you need to fly there, your flight options will appear magically on a map view. If you want a maximum four hour non-stop flight in January to someplace where there is a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees and you don’t want to spend more than $500, Kayak will help you to get the best flight options.

Kayak has been a favourite travel search tool for being its quick and simple interface. Still, it is one of the best online tools when you look for flights and it doesn’t always help you to find the cheapest flights. If you consider a sample itinerary from Chicago to Tucson, you can find the cheapest airfare as Momondo but it doesn’t display the results from Omega store and the cheapest airfare was $319. Kayak had been showed other fares with different flight times at the cost of $319.

It does a better job to do when listing all the possibilities directly from the carrier itself. This online website is also easy to navigate and you will have to uncheck a box on the search screen to not compare fares to other search engines in a separate window. The other nice feature about Kayak is that it will show a green dot next to a particular date so that you can easily identify that it has a lower airfare when viewing the travel calendar.

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Best for Generally Lower Prices

The strange thing about Kayak was that it showed cheapest prices precisely for a vacation of summer London or Barcelona return. Despite this, it has been ended up with the cheapest site when it comes to the entire range of short term journeys and was within two percent of Google Flights for booking which was made two months in advance.

When looking for flights, it is trustworthy as a first port of call and it seems particularly invested in hacker fares.


The drawbacks are dishonest about prices and poor customer service. Kayak has many complaints regarding its honesty about prices. It has a frequent reports that after booking on the site and enter your credit card information. Here, you will be getting contact the Kayak as something went wrong. Sometimes, it may charged higher rates without being intimating to the customers. It contains many negative reviews regarding the complaints and unhelpful Kayak customer service.

Google Flights Pros and Cons

Google Flights advantages included Google integration, supports multiple departure and destination airports in a single search, ability to compare prices for many dates at once, train connections search and alternative route suggestions, and explore feature. With this online tool, you can pick the cheapest date to fly easily based on comparison with different dates at once.

It offers a neat explore feature which let the users to search for flights by dates, interests, and continents in order to discover new destinations. When your flight is delayed to reach your destination, it gives you suggestions so that you can search for train connections which is a good alternative to a airline travel for your itinerary. You can look for train connections for 56 destinations and nearly 400 routes across Germany and Northern Europe. As it was integrated with the Google, you can make it convenient to use.


With the use of Google Flights, you can not make any purchase or booking directly on the website that means it won’t allow you to book the tickets on Google. It will redirect you to the company which offering services and should book the tickets there. It only provides the information about flights and does not offer any other relevant categories such as hotels and car hires as many other travel search engines do.

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