Google FlightsGoogle Flights Vs Momondo

Google Flights Vs Momondo

When comparing Google Flights and Momondo online travel companies, most of the people recommends to use Google Flights. Google Flights is ranked as 2nd and Momondo got received 5th rank in the case of best travel search engines. The most essential reason to choose the best one as Google Flights is that it allows the users to pick the cheapest date to fly easily by comparing the different dates at once.

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google flights vs momondo

Google Flights Pros and Cons

The essential benefits about Google Flights included ability to compare the prices for many dates at once, explore feature helps you to discover the new places, train connections search and alternative route suggestions, supports multiple departure and destination airports in a single search, and Google integration. Based on comparing the different dates and prices, you can easily pick the cheapest dates to fly for your itinerary.

Google Flights Explore feature allows the users to search for flights according to your requirements such as dates, interests, and continents to discover new destinations. You can also search for train connections and provides you suggestions when travel by train is a good alternative to the air travel for your destinations. Through this tool, you can able to search for 56 destinations and nearly 400 routes across Germany and Northern Europe. The integration with Google makes more convenient to use for customers who are using Google Flights.

Best for Speed

While doing flight searches, responsiveness is the most essential considerable feature to book the airline tickets for your destination. Apparently, Google Flights has more responsiveness on desktop and mobile. It is also enhanced the smart features in presentation and highlighting what it considers best options including noting cheaper flights close to your travel dates and allows you to track prices using email alerts.

It uses the meta-search data powered by ITA Matrix in order to find all the prices and flight times instantly. For a route of Chicago to Tucson, Google is providing a lowest airfare of $319 which is same as the cost of other online travel companies like Kayak or Momondo. Here, the main difference is that Google Flights display the results more quickly when compared to the Momondo. Unlike other tools, you can enter all the information and wait for several seconds for the results to populate. With the Momondo travel search engine, you can browse all possible packages and find the departure and arrival combinations. Whereas Google Flights search engine tool, you first pick the departing flight which best fits for your schedule and it will show you the lowest prices in accordance with the chosen specific flight. Once you’d chosen the departure flight, it will take you to a screen with return flights. It offers you a list of cheapest flights first and more expensive flights are listed in ascending order.

Additionally, you can easily manage the booking airline tickets with Google Flights whether you want to book a flight ticket for multi-city, one-way, or round-trip fare. You can also get tracking prices which are directly sent to your Gmail account if you’ve tracked the prices.

Google Flights searches the flight information about all airlines including small and large travel agencies. When you go to the home page, you’re required to provide the information about where you want to fly from and where you want to fly to in addition to the preferred dates. You can put up to 5 airports for each box and separated by commas. You can enter city codes like NYC, WAS, EWR, IAD, BWI, and more. You can click on first date which right below the flying from airport. You can check for prices up to 2 months along with the cheapest airfares.

However, if you don’t see any cheapest airfare for particular selected two months, you can consider other months to view cheapest airfares. At the calendar view of lowest fares, you can click on the date you want for your departure. Google Flights give you best flight options and you will click on whichever of the flight is looking best to you. If you’ve chosen a flight ticket for Canada with cost of $688, you can choose return flight for Denver and Montreal. You can make a note that price on the return flight is roundtrip price and not the price for each way. If you click on $688 Air Canada return flight, you can view other booking options like book with Orbitz, book with Priceline, book with United, and book with Air Canada, and much more. Alternatively, if you click on a box with Orbitz, you can able to view the price of the flight.


The disadvantages of Google Flights included not able to book directly on Google Flights and limited to flights only. You can’t make a purchase or booking directly on the site. It will redirect you to the company which offering the services and you must book the flight tickets there only. It only provides information for flights and it does not include different categories that many travel search engines providing services such as hotels and other packages.

Momondo Pros and Cons

Momondo pros included plenty of discovery features and multi-lingual. If you’re not sure where to go, Momondo offers different ways to explore destinations and find the best flight for your travel. In the popular destinations tab, you can able to view all about popular cities and find the cheapest times to fly. Inspiration allows you to explore destinations based on your priorities like food, romantic, drink, and more. It has a feature of multilingual through which you can able to conduct searches in different languages such as English, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

Best for Multi-city and Mobile

In contrary to the Google Flights, Momondo gives you friendly approach while doing flight searches. Based on your entered details, it will provide you information that included cheapest, quickest, and best flights. At the home page of the screen, you can able to find bar charts which can help you to assess the prices for your journey and it sometimes save you a chunk of change if you’re happy shifting your dates by a day or two. It also offers you plentiful filters that can help you to get tweak your results rapidly. It excelled in two key features such as multi-city and mobile. In the feature of multi-city booking, it hugely outperformed rivals on complex short-term trips and in one case, it saves several hundreds of pounds. When booking months ahead, the difference was far less pronounced but Momondo still would have enough cash for a coffee or sandwich. The mobile app allows you to pack plenty of information into a smallish space without making the screen feel cramped and nudging it with the app.

It is an online tool that is near the top of many travelers list is Momondo. It is also received the accolades from many leading publications due to their efficiency and ease-to-use. This online travel agency tool might be your best option for multi-city searches and when you use your mobile device. Based on search results, it will display three different price options such as cheapest, quickest, and best. If you click on a particular price options, it will direct you into the flights within the chosen price range. You can also filter out the results by the carrier, price, and flight times. This travel tool has a unique ranking system which combines flight time and price to estimate the happiness rating for a particular itinerary. It’s also 10 point scale that included a 0 score being a bad and 10 shows a good flight.

Other advantage of Momondo searching flights is that you don’t need to unselect the box in order to compare prices for other search engines. It has a less of those annoying pop-up windows you need to close to see the price. For an instance, you can consider a route including from Chicago to Tucson which displayed the lowest airfare of $306 on American Airlines which happens to be cheaper than directly from the carrier.

Advantages of Momondo

Momondo’s search engine tool will almost always help to find a cheaper fare for the flight dates that you’ve selected. It will provide a list of flights that may not available at Google Flights.

It is a powerful flight comparison tool which searches for the cheapest airfares. It will tend to cover many booking online websites so that offers many more extensive results and better options.

How to Use it

If you’ve selected the ideal travel dates using Google Flights, you can able to enter the exact itinerary at Momondo site. Once you’ve been entered the information, you can click on search button which will help you to get the results within 10 to 15 seconds. It also conducts a search through the various OTAs and finally you will get the absolute cheapest fare. Even though you’re not using a great deal you can view the prices offered by OTAs which provides you minimum price ranges for your destinations. If you don’t want to book the tickets with cheapest agent, you can go for see more details from which you can see which other agents offering better airfares for your particular destination.

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