Google FlightsGoogle Flights Vs Skyscanner – Which is Better?

Google Flights Vs Skyscanner – Which is Better?

Google Flights is one of the travel search websites which is somewhat similar to Skyscanner. Large global companies like Google and Facebook have the resources and power to drown out other resources that provide same services. Accordingly, Skyscanner was implemented which is a global search engine for not just flights but hotels as well. Both Google Flights and Skyscanner has its own pros and cons but the final service is that everyone wants easiest way to fly and of course the cheapest.

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For an instance, you can consider Sydney as a destination and apply both tools to test in order to know the best one. These online travel providers expedite the process of allowing the users in order to customize the services. Additionally, there are preferred options such as duration of flight, time of flight, and users can add stopovers to their destination. These basic searches will be available for searching flights and it’s very good to view that both tools do not skimp on the amount of customization provided for each flight.

User Interface or Layout

When it comes to user interface feature, Skyscanner offers you searches for hotels and cars for hire. The cars for hire is an area which has not been tapped into quiet but it is a nice touch with Skyscanner. Every person knows the hassle of arriving at an airport at odd hours and not able to hitch a ride out of the airport quickly enough. As per the user layout, Google Flights wins hands down than Skyscanner because it has a clean and user-friendly layout.

Additionally, it offers images of various popular cities which are placed below with the pricing which is stated as options for adventures who haven’t quite picked a holiday destination. Based on hovering over the recommended locations, you can view a map in the top right corner that will show a preview of the flight route. In addition to these, the map will disappear from view when you scroll down the destination list. So that, it won’t allow you to look at the preview for the lower suggestions.

Whereas Skyscanner’s flight searches will be available on web pages and Google Flights offers you endless scroll. Thus, it making more easier and convenient to search for flights.

Price Points

Prices are the factor for users need in order to make a decision in choosing of best flights. Between both online portals, Google Flights has the cheapest flight options but Skyscanner has more flight options for a slightly higher price point. The cheapest flight from Google Flights for a 22 hour flight which is inclusive of a 13 hour layover in Singapore. For a slightly higher price of RM1548 at Skyscanner, passengers can get a 12 hour and 35 minute flight that is inclusive of a 8 hour 30 minute layover in Melbourne. Both flights has its own pros and cons and it relies how short one prefers their layover to be or even the destination of their layover.

Both flight search providers has its own benefits and drawbacks in travel searches. Google Flights focusing on providing of best deals about flights while Skyscanner is more well-rounded with hotel and car hire searches. This doesn’t mean one is better than the other one. Whereas in the case of speed of searches, both flight searches offering results in fairly with the same amount of time. As per the results, Skyscanner has more extensive results and its relevancy for cheaper price points may vary. The flight searches which show up on the final new pages are at a price point for those people who don’t bother about spending a little more on flights.

For suppose, if you’re looking for quicker flight searches, you can able to consider Google Flights tool because it has easy to use interface with no additional frills. Skyscanner is an online travel agency portal in which you can easily find the best deals about hotels and car hires on same platform.

Google Flights

Most of the people considering an online travel agency tool as Google Flights rather than Skyscanner and it is evident that it ranked 2nd in best travel search engines. Before take a decision which is the best search engine, you just go through the pros and cons of Google Flights and Skyscanner.


Using Google Flights, you can able to compare many dates at once so that you can easily pick the cheapest date to fly for your itinerary. It supports multiple departure and destination airports in a single search. It has been included a feature of explore from which you can easily get assistance to discover new places to go. It also offers train connections search and alternative route suggestions so that it is a good alternative to air travel for your destinations.

By using this tool, you can search train connections for 56 destinations and nearly 400 routes across Germany and Northern Europe. As it is integrated into Google, it makes convenient to use for you. Google Flights is specifically having high responsiveness on desktop and mobile. Other online travel websites can take an age to laboriously churn out the data to show the results about flights.

It offers you highlights regarding best available flight options that including cheaper flights which are closer to your travel dates and enabling you to track the prices using email alerts. If your flight is delayed due to some reasons, it will recommend you to consider train travelling and shows you best available options.


The drawbacks of Google Flights included not able to book directly on this online web page and limited to flights only. You can’t book the flight tickets directly on this site and it will redirect you to provide the services and book the tickets from there. It is restricted to offering flights and not providing the information about other categories like hotels and car hires as many other travel search engines do.


Many of the travelers want to use Skyscanner which is a British tool that searches the results of 22 different travel providers and airline carriers in order to find the lowest prices. Relevantly, they found a itinerary for $309 round trip from ORD to TUS on American Airlines. This price is cheaper than Kayak’s bottom fare and it had several offerings at this low price point. Additionally, the flights could be booked directly from American Airlines not from any third-party travel agency. The layout of Skyscanner including mixed features of Kayak and Momondo. The top row has same three cheapest price points as similar as the Momondo and has a basic white background like Kayak does.


When it comes to Skyscanner Pros which has been provided many benefits such as easy to use, multiple destinations, find air tickets based on flexible dates and also in advance by months, and convenient calendar search. Through this tool, you can easily choose multiple destinations everywhere. It is really intuitive to use and clearly points out the best deals. It is also having calendar search that shows you indicative pricing for whole month. It allows the users to find air tickets based on flexible dates and also in advance by months.


Skyscanner is a travel search engine that allows the users to find the best deals and transfers you to that provider for booking the tickets. It doesn’t offer a way to provide the flexible dates in order to get the best deals for your itinerary.

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