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Google Flights is one of the best flights booking search engine that allows you to search, compare, and purchase the cheap flight tickets. Use Google Flights on your next vacation to book airline tickets at cheaper airfare and save maximum on your trips. Well, we have published a great guide on how you can travel cheaper with google flights.

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Know How you can book flights?, How you can use this tool to get cheaper airfare, explore your next travel destinations, know the cheapest days to fly, know about historic price trends, get alerts when there is cheaper price

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Fast and Simple Searches

For most of the travelers, Google Flight has been replaced with the search aggregation sites like Skyscanner, Kayak, Priceline and Orbitz.  Google Flights has been designed with the simple, lightning fast searches, and user friendly notifications about cheaper flight options at nearby airports or on other dates that have been changed the expectations for flight search options. It is also providing other advanced features like calendar search, the explore map, price tracking, and more which helpful to search for available cheapest flight options for chosen destinations.

google flights
Google Flight is Considered as a more reliable and accessible source of information when compared to other available airlines’ websites such as Kayak, Priceline, or Skyscanner. Because, it is great for transparency, carry-on baggage fees, and providing information about on-time performance. It creates the convenience of going directly to the airline’s checkout page with a single click. Additionally, you can book the tickets directly through the Google with the saved identity and payment details.

Relevantly, Google Flights is a search engine tool through which users can search, compare, and purchase flights. It is not an online travel agency like Orbitz or Priceline but it is a metasearch engine tool that saves you the step of searching each airline and website individually.

In order to find the cheapest, most convenient, or preferred flights between any airports, you can compare the routes, airlines, prices, times, and more. By acquiring the ITA Matrix, Google Flights has continued to expand the varied sections of the travel space that included Google’s travel related projects.

Supported Countries

Available Countries
New Zealand

How to Use/Book Google Flights?

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To get access to the Google Flights, you just typing in Google Search like “Flights to Washington”. This context is enough to pull the flights information from Google. If it fails, go to the online portal

To Visit Google Flights Official Booking Website

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Beginning Your Search

In general, it starts with a map of the US which is the current place that you can comparison for tickets. Firstly, you will need to type in a departure point and destination location. If you’ve set out your current location, you will get to see your proposed flight options on the map. You can manually update the location.

In the next step, you will enter departure and return dates on respective fields on the map. After entering all these details, you will get to see flights between two points.

Search Options

On Google Flights, you can limit the search results to non-stop flights, one stop or less. By restricting your flight search to specific airlines, you can stick with the company and get to know the information like mileage upgrades or free checked luggage.


Booking Your Flight with Google

Once you’ve chosen a particular flight on Google, you can tap on the price which will be turned into a booking button. By clicking on book button, you will be taken to the website where you can book the flight ticket. However, if you want to book the flight and hotel together, you can go with the best available travel agency.


Tips and Tricks

If you’ve planned a trip to a particular destination with family or friends, you can find out the best available flights information. Through this tool, you can easily search for cheapest flights possible and get a great deals that would normally cost a fortune.It lets you to find and compare flights between airports quickly on certain days. To make a traveling vacation much easier, you can use some of the great features.

  • Get Destination Ideas

If you’ve already travelled a lot and might be getting tired of visiting usual destinations. Or you don’t travel much at all and not sure where you want to go. In these cases, you can opt for Google Flights which provides you information about all popular cities that having good deals available.

If you don’t have an idea on choosing particular airports, you can simply search like Europe, Japan, or any other country or region. It will be automatically highlighted the major airports and how much costs to fly. Based on your suggestions like ecotourism, culture, food, etc., you can sort out the flights.

  • Track Pricing Trends

If you want to prepare a trip in advance or having much time to purchase tickets for your trip, you can use pricing trends to know when will be the best deal available to book the tickets. Through the Google Flights Price Trends feature, you can receive price alerts and travel tips by registered email.


  • Find the Cheapest Days to Fly

According to the days that you have entered to fly, you can get a list of available prices for airports. If you’re flexible with the travel days, you can get to view much better deals. Rather than type in specific travel dates, you can click on a date area to bring up a calendar. With the help of Google Flights, you can get to view the daily prices for next few months.


  • Search for Best Flight

Finding the cheapest destination and the cheapest days to fly are great features. But, you might find out the cheapest flight which is not always the best flight in terms of layover cities, checked baggage fees, and many other relevant features. If you’ve chosen your destination city and day selection in flights, you will get a list of airlines that making the trip. If you desire to find the perfect flight, you can get to use a series of filters on the top of the search results so you can tweak the layovers, preferred airline, price, departure and arrival times.


  • Filter by Airport or Carrier

Another great feature is that, you can sort out certain airports based on your search. Once your searching with departure and destination cities, and travel dates, you will be taken to the results page to filter out the travel options. From your search, you can eliminate the certain airports by unchecking the box next to the airport.


Track Flights and Prices

If you’re not yet ready to book the flights, you can make use of Track Flights and Prices feature for a flight or a specific route.

  • Computer

You can receive emails from Google Flights if the prices for a flight that you’re tracking significantly. To activate the tracking prices trend, you will have to choose number of stops, cabin class, and how many tickets that you need, departure airport and destination cities. To turn on the track prices for a particular route, you can toggle the button next to track prices.

You can click a saved route for viewing the flights that you want to track. To turn tracking emails on or off, click on switch next to email notifications. In addition to these, you will get email notifications when prices for a route that you’re viewing will likely go up and the current fare will expire soon and the new fare will likely cost more.

  • Android

This tool can be used on mobile device too. Initially, go to google flights website and use the buttons at the top to choose the search options like cabin class, number of stops, and how many tickets that you require. After choosing flight dates, turn on track prices button to track out the prices for your chosen destination city.

In order to see the flights’ prices that you’re tracking, go to the button Tracked on top right of the flights app. Under this, tap a saved route to see the flights that you’re tracking and switch next to email notifications to turn the tracking emails on or off.

  • iPhone and iPad

Through iPhone and iPad mobile devices, travelers can easily track the prices for particular cities. To sign up for price tracking feature, you need to visit website and use the buttons at the top to choose the number of stops, cabin class, departure and destination airports, and how many tickets that you need. For tracking prices along the route, you can tap on track prices button.

As similar as the Android devices, users can tap on Tracked button and go to a saved route in case of viewing flight prices that you’re tracking. To get email notifications, you can get to tap on the switch next to email notifications.

Discover Destinations

Google Flights has been provided different features like discover destinations, price tracking, Google Hotels, etc. Amid of all these, Discover Destinations tool helps the travelers to find the affordable vacation based on their specific interests. However, you can search for flights by using different filters like places, interests, and dates.


With the feature of discover destinations, travelers no need to think of exact dates or particular destinations to filter out the best possible flight options. In contrary, users need to use few filters to receive the relevant suggestions for best deals based on your chosen destination city. By using this feature, users can go to check for available travel dates by considering different travel options like last weekend in March or one week or July rather than preferring particular dates and destination cities.

Users can also pick out different interests like ecotourism, adventure travel, or culture. You can get to choose shopping option that brought into the top recommendations like particular city or country. In addition to these, it lets to choose honeymoon as another search button which helps to return the resorts nearby your chosen destination city. If you’ve clicked on islands option, you will get a list of popular spots for top recommendations. Discover Destinations feature lets you to get real-time ticket prices for a specific travel dates from your major airport and a range of hotels.

In general, online travel agencies are targeting on the transactions which can be ended with the purchasing process only. Whereas Google Flights working in contrary to this it helps the travelers to pick places to go with affordable prices. In relevant to this, Discover Destinations feature allows to get trip ideas by theme and sort out the search results by particular travel dates. Along with these, users can also check out all available flights by choosing a region. It is also not displacing any search keywords. For instance, if you type where should I go on a vacation in case of viewing particular flight options, it will take you to another travel websites.

Flight Delay – AI Predictions

It has been included with new features which make easier for travelers to keep track of any delays in their planned trips. Accordingly, it offers assistance for users in finding the airfare deals for their preferred destination locations at the best possible price. By adding these two new features, it becomes one of the best travel tool among all available search engine tools like Kayak, Travelocity, etc.


  • Predict the Delays through the Power of AI

For example, if your flight will be delayed, it will start using a combination of historic flight status data and machine learning algorithms in order to predict. Even before the airlines announce the flight delay, it has the power of predicting the flight delays information through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. If it has at least 80 percent accuracy, it will only notify users of a possible delay. To track the status of a flight, users can search for the flight number or airline number and the flight route. If the flight is delayed or not in the search results, the service will display.

  • Explains the Limitations of Cheaper Tickets

It is also providing another new feature related to the new and cheaper tickets that Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines have started selling. Without knowing all the details, users can purchase low-priced seats. While users searching for tickets to the three aforementioned service airlines like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, or American Airlines, the information will available for cheapest tickets. Let’s say, the Basic Economy for United Airlines doesn’t allow the travelers to store the luggage in choosing their seats, overhead bins, make changes to the tickets, or purchase upgrades.

Tips to Find Cheap Flights

By detecting your current location, it will automatically use to search for both local and international flights. Accordingly, you can choose a round trip, enter your departure and destination cities, and how many people that you’re traveling. By providing this much information, it will provide you all airlines that will take to destination on the given specified dates. Based on best flights, destination, departure time, lowest price, and duration, you can sort out the schedule for flights information. In addition to these, you can also enable the alerts for your route that you want to travel and it will tell you when the airfare has dropped.

Another feature is that it tells you which airports offer a better airfare. Or else, you may get cheaper flights when you choose to travel on a different date. Although the flights included with fees and taxes, Google Flights does its best to find the best and cheapest flights available. You may or may not purchase the ticket directly from the airline.

Explore Destinations feature, that creates a great way to look for a cheap flight to places you might not have thought of. It will be allowed to give you suggestions for nearby airports and cost to fly into that instead. You can also search up to 7 nearby airports in the departure or arrival cities. When you’re going to somewhere, this online tool comes in handy. Or else, if you have a few destinations in mind, you can get to see a list of popular destinations and find out the cheapest one.

ITA Matrix

It became one of the best online travel search engine tool by incorporating the ITA Matrix tool which is an all-in-one flight search engine that analyzes the flight routes and prices for most of the airlines. Through ITA Matrix, you can sort out the search results by displaying the criteria that included cost per mile, interactive calendar, Geo search, and color-coded time bars. As these features are not exclusive to ITA Matrix, it makes the search engine tool most user friendly.

With the ITA Matrix, you can simply search for the prices based on different flight itineraries such as one-way, round-trip, or multi-city. You can also customize your search results by entering your particular departure and destination cities, airports and cities, airlines, and even particular flight numbers.

The primary reason that Google Flights acquired the ITA matrix tool is that it creates the most customizable metadata search engine.

  • Browse Flexible Dates

ITA Matrix Flexible Dates feature helps to find the calendar view based on your departure and destination dates.

  • Multi-city Flights

ITA Matrix become one of the most powerful travel search tools for planning a multi-city travel flights. On ITA Matrix, you can research up to six flights at once.

  • Easily Spot your Connecting Airports

Through the different flight options like prices, number of stops, flight times, and particular connecting timebars, ITA Matrix is allowing you to do filter out the text based searches instead of the color-coded time bars.

Is there any Google Flights App For Mobile?

There is no official app developed for flights by Google till date, only web version is available. Google acquired ITA Matrix and their app which is the preeminent flight search app. ITA supports a syntax on the website. It will show you when prices could increase for particular flights and routes. It is also included a tips feature which lets to recommend the alternate dates and airports in order to find the lower airfares.

Through the ITA Matrix app, you can gain various kinds of benefits. Accordingly, when you’re searching for a flight itinerary, a notification will appear that shows when the current fare is expected to expire and what are the savings if you book now. The users can set up email notifications that shows the price changes and expected price changes of the searched itinerary.

Google Hotels Booking

If you want to stay in hotels, you can visit hotels feature Google flights to get best deals. Google lets you to book the hotel and complete the reservation quickly with the stored details. To book the hotels on Google, you can follow below mentioned guidelines such as:


  • Initially, you visit Google flights and choose the hotels section
  • Enter the destination and find hotels
  • Choose a room.
  • Enter guest details such as contact information stored in Google account which will be automatically load if you’ve signed in. If you’re not signed in, you can click on sign in button at the top of web page.
  • Click on continue button.
  • If you’re using a Google account, you can choose a stored payment method from the drop down menu and click on continue button. If you’re not signed in, you can enter your card details and go to continue button.
  • Review your booking details and click on reserve button.

After booking a hotel, you will receive summary emails that included the details about the reservation and the hotel or travel agency’s contact information as well. If you’d like to change or cancel the reservation at hotels, you can contact the hotel or booking partner.

Compare with Momondo – Expedia – Skyscanner

When you’re searching for flights on Google, the responsiveness is the most apparent. It is highly responsive on Desktop and Mobile. But, other websites like Momondo, Expedia, and Skyscanner can churn out the data.

It is works smarter in representation, highlighting what it considers best options, enabling you to track the prices using email alerts, and noting cheaper flights close to your travel dates. You can choose a flight and site points out if it is often delayed.

Momondo: Best for Multi-city and Mobile

In contrary to the Google Flights, Momondo is providing a colorful and friendly approach. Relevantly, it lets to type in details and the site is clearly outlines the information related to the cheapest, quickest, and the best flights that you could take. On top of the web page, you will find bar charts that can help you to estimate the prices around your journey. It is also having numerous kinds of filters to tweak out the results. Advantages of using Momondo is included in-depth flight search tools, instantly compare bookings of 30 travel sites, quick and easy-to-use interface, and no annoying pop-ups.

If you’ve flexible dates, you can use Momondo instead of GF because Momondo is possibly the easiest travel portal to view the price trends. It has included with three filters such as search by individual airline, view particular alliances, and include specific destination airports, connecting airports, and departure airports.

On Flights Google, you can’t find out the information about SouthWest flights. Whereas Momondo allows to provide the opportunity to search for SouthWest flights information. The main disadvantage of using Momondo is that it is unable to calculate the complex flights data.

Expedia: Best for Fast Filtering

Expedia is not a pretty online travel search tool when compared to the Google tool. Accordingly, the results also take a while to show up and scrolling down the screen as they arrive. The main advantage of using Expedia is that it makes easier platform to filter out the results. By choosing favourite airlines and departure times, you will get to see the instant flight search results through near-by airports lurk in pop-up menus.


Both Google and Skyscanner expedite the flight searching process by allowing the users to do customizable searches. For example, both are letting the users to search for flights based on duration of flight, preferred time of flight, or whether to add stopovers to their destination city.

In case of user interface, Skyscanner included the information related to hotels, flights, and cars for hire. By comparing with it, you can experience a clean and user friendly interface and images of various popular cities along with the price trends. By hovering on the suggested locations, you can refer to different unique places. Skyscanner is providing a list of available flights and searches go by pages.  Searches are an endless scroll thus making the search more easier for travelers.

Whilst It has focused on providing best flights’ information and Skyscanner has been delivered the results relevant to hotels and car hire rental.

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