Here’s Why Canada Legalized Marijuana

If we talk about illicit elements in Canada, marijuana would top the list. But now the scenario has changed as the newly elected liberal government has already legalized marijuana.

Marijuana has achieved considerable political and public attention in recent years, and public acceptance towards it is increasing day by day. As a result, the government of Canada legalized marijuana. This legalization plays an impactful role in different sectors such as the economy, public health, and society. So, don’t forget to go through the following points to know how the legalization of marijuana is changing the economic, public health, and social pictures of Canada.


The government of Canada has seen several positive aspects of legalization, with economic growth being one of them. Yes, legalizing this drug allows the government to collect taxes, and therefore, it is providing additional revenue to the Canadian economy. Moreover, the high demand for this drug allows the government to impose higher taxes in order to keep marijuana at a very competitive position with other intoxicating substances such as tobacco and alcohol. Along with this, it can make a solid enhancement of employment in the fields of sales, health promotion, and education. However, there are some comprehensive strategies taken by the government in order to keep this drug away from minors.

Public Health Impacts

Another benefit of legalizing marijuana in Canada is that it can bring positive outcomes in inflammatory bowel diseases, neuropathic pain, and many more. But excessive use can have downsides, such as contributing to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, an addiction problem, lung cancer, and more. Everything has positive and negative aspects, and a comprehensive framework can effectively mitigate the negative aspects of marijuana.

Additionally, because you are smoking, you need to be aware of the potentially harmful elements being taken into your lungs. Respiratory aids from supplement providers like Thorne Research and Pure Encapsulations work to provide herbal aid for a range of health needs that may be ideal if you start to smoke marijuana.

Social Impacts

The government has taken some control of the distribution of marijuana, which has weakened the power of gangs and cartels to control the flow of drugs. As a result, the government has helped to control some aspects of crimes. Legalization also helped to eliminate some social problems such as unsafe environments that were created by the illegal distribution of drugs. It also eliminated many criminal activities inextricably associated with it.

So, these are some benefits of legalizing marijuana in Canada. We hope that this would be helpful for you.