Highlights From Canada’s Climate Plan

If you minutely see the landscape of Canada, it will definitely mesmerize you. Now, in recent times, people all over the world have experienced the deadly consequences of climate change. The situation will be out of control if we do not take the necessary step now to protect our environment. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada promised that the nation will mitigate the emission of greenhouse gas by 40% to 45% within the next nine years.

Canada’s Climate Plan

Pan-Canadian Framework On Clean Growth And Climate Change has strengthened the climate plan of this nation. The core objective is to build a healthy economy and healthy environment. Apart from these, they give preference to jobs, clean technology, and less carbon pollution. PCF 2016 was the first climate plan of this nation at a national level. It was developed with territories, provinces and they also made a consultation with native people. It was in December 2020, when a new plan- A healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy was introduced by the Government of Canada. It strengthened the climate plan of Canada. There are certain things that come under the umbrella of this plan.

Net-Zero Emission In Next 30 Years

Canada wants a prosperous and cleaner economy and this is why they want to achieve net-zero emission by the end of 2050. The Government of Canada also introduced the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act on 19th November 2020. The Government of Canada cannot achieve this on its own and therefore, they need support from all aspects of society such as businesses, youth, native people, territories, and provinces.

It was in 2021 when the Government of Canada set up an advisory body. This new body will provide advice so that the Government of Canada can easily achieve net-zero emissions by the end of 2050.

Clean Canada

Talking about Clean Canada, well, it basically elaborates how the nation will build a healthier, more affordable, and cleaner future for the next generation. On a personal level, health involves practices such as exercise, diet and taking supplements like those produced by Allergy Research Group and Premier Research. On a national level, it consists of things like:

  • Investing in generating renewable energy.
  • Making an investment in energy efficiency in order to help businesses and families. It will help them to save money.
  • Raising standards so that car owners use cleaner fuels.
  • Making existing buildings more efficient and cleaner.
  • More support for electric vehicles.
  • Improving economic growth and creating jobs

Canada’s Action On Climate Change

Canada’s action on climate change includes the following things

  • Putting a price on pollution
  • Actions to mitigate emissions
  • Developing low carbon economy fund

So, this is all about the highlights from Canada’s Climate Plan. It is important to consider how climate change affects all aspects of the ecosystem, including wildlife, lakes and rivers.