How Education in Quebec Compares to America

Education is an important factor for any country, so in this article, we are going to compare education in Quebec to America. Keep reading to find whether you should look for education opportunities in America or Canada.


Here are a few things that make the education system similar.

  • In the first stage of academic learning, both countries focus on elementary and primary education. Secondary or post-secondary education is not compulsory. 
  • The difference in language, culture, and mental or physical disability is not a barrier to education. There is equality of access to education in both countries.
  • Those in a lower socio-economic class may be eligible to apply for a scholarship that helps to pay for part or all of the student’s education.
  • Both countries have community colleges, state colleges, private colleges, and universities. 


The outcomes of comparison always come with differences, and this is no exception.

  • The territorial and provincial governments govern the education system in Quebec, where the whole of America is a vast area to rule and can’t be governed by a single government.
  • Varying with provinces and territories, the period of elementary and secondary education occurs over 11 years in Quebec. The rest of the provinces of Canada go through 12 years of elementary and secondary education. It’s of 12 years in the US too. Though it may differ in some states of America.
  • In Quebec, compulsory education lies between the years of 6-16. This format is followed in America too. In America, the age range for compulsory education varies by state. 
  • French and English school boards are in Quebec where America consists of English as a primary language. In Quebec, students learn English as a secondary language.
  • Quebec has the highest amount of students who go to private schools. The government subsidizes lower-income families by reducing costs. Though this scenario happens in areas of America too. But the rate of reduction is eye-catching in Quebec.

The above is a quick look at education in Quebec compares to America. If you need more information, reach out to an expert in the field, especially someone who has worked in either country.
If you have any concerns surrounding the role of government and education, or how rules and regulations are created, get into contact with your local representative and offer your concerns.