How Has COVID-19 Affected Canada In 2020?

Well, COVID-19 has flattened the curve of almost everything in 2020. It has made the lives of people miserable and it has affected the social, economic and health activities of the countries and Canada is not an exception. As a result people are looking for answers and potential solutions in the form of vaccines, social distancing, Garden of Life and Solgar, and so much more.

The negative impact of COVID-19 is different in different countries. China, Italy, Iran and Spain suffered a lot and on the other side. Thankfully, Canada has made several decisions to help tackle COVID-19 and is now reaping some of those benefits, leaving the country in a better place. But it is not completely devoid of issues. Yes, the coronavirus has affected Canada in 2020, and here, we will specifically talk about this.

Impact Of COVID-19

Lifestyle has been changed as the magnitude of the coronavirus has affected the economic, health and social activities in Canada. However, Statistics Canada has kept everything transparent by providing the actual data about the present pandemic. It has generated relevant, timely and rich data as well as analysis about the impact of COVID-19 in Canada so that the Canadians would not have to live their lives under the hood of darkness. They made this because they have a unique relationship with Canadians. They were able to generate analysis and data effectively and quickly via crowdsourcing.

Social And Physical Activities

Well, the social activities of the Canadians have been completely changed after the arrival of this pandemic. People will not have to maintain social distancing in the public place and in the case of close-range conversations, they will have to close their faces with the help of masks. There are 3 Cs that should be avoided in order to keep yourself safe- Closed spaces, Close range conversations and crowded places. Moreover, you will have to stay indoors as much as possible. You are allowed to socialize with a small group of people and you will have to take safety measures while going outside.

Talking about physical activities, people are now doing most of the physical activates indoors. For example, they are now giving more preference to home workouts instead of the gym. The viewers of online videos and classes have been increased.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Economic Activities

The economic part is something that has been drastically affected by COVID-19. Yes, you have heard it right. The small vendors were compelled to close their retail outlets due to COVID-19 and many people had lost their jobs. People are also maintaining the lockdown and as a result, they are giving preference to online shopping. As a result, the local businesses are heavily damaged and the number of the online transaction has been increased.

So, this is how COVID-19 has affected Canada in 2020. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.