Important Dates In Canadian History

Science cannot measure the significance of any historic event. The journalists, historians, and even students could have their own lists consisting of important dates. Here, though, we have added some important dates in Canadian history. The below events have left an unforgettable mark on the lives of the Canadian people. 

Check out these important dates in Canadian history below!

June 24, 1497

John Cabot claimed the Atlantic Coast for England on June 24, 1497. Well, on this day, Cabot came down to the Atlantic coast of North America. Cabot claimed it for England. The discovery of John Cabot was remarkable as it peaked the interest of England.

July 24, 1534

This is another important date in Canadian history. St. Lawrence River is a grand river in North America. On this day, Jacques Cartier entered the Gulf of this river. He is considered as one of the first Europeans to enter this area. On his second voyage in 1535, Cartier heard two new words – Kanata and Iroquoian. He documented these words in his journal. The name Canada also appeared on the Harleian world map in 1547. It indicated the northern land of the St. Lawrence River.

July 03, 1608

Samuel de Champlain founded a trading post in Quebec in order to reinforce. He had an idea of colonization. He wanted to colonize the remote country and therefore, this location was perfect for the implementation of his idea. This trading post worked as the base.

Important Dates In The 18th Century

February 10, 1763

It is an important date as the Seven Years War was ended by the treaty of Paris. France commended New France which is now known as Quebec.

July 22, 1793

Alexander Mackenzie who was a British explorer crossed the Rocky Mountains and he claimed the Pacific coast for England.

Important Dates In The 19th Century


Simon Fraser who was a British explorer founded the Rocky Mountain settlement. It was the first permanent white settlement in this region.

March 6, 1834

The city of Toronto had been incorporated.

February 19, 1858

British Columbia’s British Crown Colony was set up on the Pacific coast.

So, these are some important dates in Canadian history. We hope that this article would be informative for you.