Meaning Behind the Canadian National Flag

You will see the combination of red and white colour and a maple leaf in the centre in the Canadian national flag. The maple leaf is in the centre with a white background, and on the right and left side, you will see the red bands. The flag symbolizes the peace, hope, neutrality and tranquillity in the country. Along with these, it also indicates the cultural heritage of the country.

The House of Commons sanctioned the Canadian national flag on 15th December 1964. Later, the House of Senate approved this on 17th December 1964. Queen Elizabeth II decreed the flag on 15th February 1965. It was done during an inauguration ceremony on Parliament Hill.

Meaning and History of the Canadian Flag

There was a prolonged debate behind the selection of the design of the Canadian national flag. Everyone wanted a design that could demonstrate the heritage as well as the history of the Canadian people. It was in 1947 when George’s Cross was used as the flag of this nation. It was the earliest flag. Since 1964, the Union Flag had been used. It is the national flag of the UK, and it was used in Canada even after getting freedom from the British rule in 1931. It happened because the implementation of the current flag was in pending mode.

William Lyon Mackenzie King set up a board in 1925 in order to design the Canadian national flag. Unfortunately, the board was discontinued before delivering the final design. After that, the new design was put forth in 1927. Later, new designs were proposed in 1931 and 1939 respectively. Later, the Senate and the House of Commons were selected to recommend the design of the Canadian flag for the nation. The committee received almost 2,409 designs from the public. Finally, a design was selected. The design featured a red ensign that consists of a maple leaf in golden colour.

In 1960, a flag debate intensified as the Egyptian government made an objection. The Canadian flag consists of the same symbol that was used in the Union Jack. It represented Britain. Pearson became the Prime Minister and presented his favourite design in 1963. The design was called Pearson Pennant. Later, a new committee was formed consisting of new democrat, conservatives, social crediter, creditiste and liberals. Finally, the new committee selected two designs—the Pearson Pennant and the current design of the Canadian Flag. Finally, the current design of the Canadian national flag was sanctioned on 15th February 1965. The maple leaf is considered the national emblem for the people of Canada.

So, this is the meaning behind the Canadian national flag. We hope that this article will be helpful for you.