Message from acting CEO Dr. Alexander Tayler

Below is the official letter from then acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Dr. Alexander Tayler.

The CEO of Cambridge Analytica deeply apologized about the activities facilitated by Cambridge Analytica affiliate of harnessing Facebook data and derivatives from a third party research company GSR held in 2014. However, the company did not receive any approval from most of the respondent, but the data has been acquired in the supervision of Facebook terms of service and data protection laws. Being a data scientist, Mr Tayler believes that the data extraction without informing the public respondent or personnel itself is the path of undertaking an unethical and illegal practice.

He strongly believes in maintaining fairness and transparency while collecting data from another source. The allegations hooked up to the company that they are responsible for exploiting personal information in the 2016 US presidential election via GSR data is extremely false as they did not use GSR or any third party data throughout the election process. The Cheif Data Officer of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Tayler clearly stated that whatever they did it was under the co-operativeness of FB authorities. They received a request for deleting data and its derivatives from Facebook in October 2015. They accepted the Facebook proposal and immediately deleted the raw data from their file server.

When Facebook asked for further assurances a year after the request, the analytical team had also conducted an internal audit to ensure that all data, derivatives and backups are been trashed completely from the CA server and sent Facebook an entire document about the effect. The accusation of using GSR data for 2016 presidential campaign was false and that’s why they are using an independent third-party audit to justify the statement that they do not hold any GSR data. As UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) had received an approval from the court for inspecting each and every activity of Cambridge Analytica, they have been in touch with the ICO since February 2017 and helping them consistently on their investigations to prove the allegations were real or just sport of degrading the company’s reputation. Itself want ICO to conduct their research carefully and bring down the conclusion that is beneficial to the public. Moreover, the company is not happy with the news channels who have played an equal role in globally downgrading the company profile.

But the main culprit is Christopher Wylie, a part-time contractor in Cambridge Analytica who left the company after a few months of working. He has no direct knowledge of work or activities regarding the company since he left in 2014. His intention was to misuse the company’s intellectual property and set up its own rival firm so he had been thrown out of the company within a few months of working day.

Cambridge Analytica is a data analytics company which provides data science solutions and digital marketing tools to operate political campaign held across the countries. The SCL Elections company focuses on non-US political campaigns. The allegations made by people and News Channels have majorly affected their reputation and daily-basis activities. They took this allegation very seriously and implemented independent investigations for obtaining information about SCL’s past election practices.

Cambridge Analytica has since shut down operations due to involvement in the 2016 United States presidential election.