Momondo serves the travelers across more than 30 international markets and providing information about best unique products and services. It is managed by Kayak which is an independent subsidiary of Booking Holdings. It is known as best for following reasons

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  • Get the Best Deals

Momondo, searches and compares the millions of real-time prices on hotels, flights, car hires so that it lets to find the cheapest, quickest, and best travel options.

  • 100% Price Transparency

The prices available on Momondo website is not affected by your searches no matter how many you make. It just provide the prices according to your searches and do not use cookies to adjust or increase the prices.

  • Trusted and Free

It is completely free to use – no hidden charges or fees. It is endorsed by Frommer’s, CNN, and New York Times.


It lets to find the best flight deals for your chosen itinerary. To sort out the available flight deals, you need to choose options like multi-city, one way, or round trip, destination city, departure and return dates, and type of class. On Momondo online portal, you can get to know the current popular flight deals information such as flights to Tokyo, flights to Rome, flights to Paris, flights to Bangkok, flights to Singapore, flights to Siem Reap, flights to Kuala Lumpur, flights to Mumbai, flights to New Delhi, etc. It allows to search for hundreds of flights at once. You can also make use of a price alert feature which helps to find the best deal at affordable prices that notifies time to time.



It also features hotels booking, and also guarantees you Best Price on the hotels bookings. Their Best Price Guarantee gives you peace of mind that you’ll get the cheapest price online for hotel rooms. Momondo fetches all the possible deals available on various portals and gives you the best prices. Also it includes the guest ratings where you can check in depth comments of the co travelers like you. Sounds like better than ratings.



It helps to find and compare best car hire deals by choosing particular options like where to go, departure and destination dates and times. And it also offers some outstanding features in the industry like Free cancellation under 48 Hours, Inclusion of all major brands spreading through out 30,000 locations and No Hidden charges. This makes the car rental more friendly to the travelers


How to Use Momondo Flights?

Basically, Momondo is a meta search engine tool which allows to perform searches on a ton of other websites. Metasearch engine tool is searching for information on other websites and compare results from each. It searches the information on all airlines and just about all travel booking website and online travel agency that exists.

It lets to compare millions of flights, hotels, and car hire deals across more than 30 international markets. It is offering lower prices than the major online travel agencies like Priceline. It always does the best job in finding the best available price from any online travel agency. It helps to find the best deals when comparing with the other any travel agency website including Google Flights and Kayak. However lets get into the process

At initial step, you’re required to go to official website address and enter your origin and destination cities, number of passengers, departure and return dates, and click on search button. For example, let’s take a look at recent flight deal from New York to Rome. It helps to find the best prices anyway.

  • Click on Cheapest tab for the best price

By clicking on cheapest tab on home page, you will be allowed to view which website or OTA offering the best price and click on the link which should be taken to the booking page.

  • OTA will pull up the same itinerary and price shown on Momondo

Before you are doing reservation for your chosen itinerary, you can scroll down to the page and enter passenger and payment information prior to proceeding book to purchase tickets.

  • Remember to read terms and conditions

You have to read the terms and conditions available on Momondo before making purchasing of tickets. By doing this, you will get to know exactly what you are paying for and you won’t have to worry about any surprise or unexpected fees.

Momondo App

Momondo App is free to use in which users can find out best deals among billions of cheap flights and hotels. It also becomes your personal travel assistant on your smartphone that gives you the ability to find cheap flights and hotels anywhere and at anytime.

Download Momondo App For Android | iOS

  • Draw on Map

Through the Map feature, you can get to know exactly what area you want to find a hotel in. With this unique feature of Momondo App, you can draw any shape on the map system and it will show you hotels in that area. If it is easier, you can also just drop or pin the area or type in address.

  • Near Me Tonight

You just need to open a mobile app and tap on the feature of Near Me Tonight. By assessing your GPS or GPRS on your device, it will show you all available rooms which are free to use for that night.

  • Price Calendar

Momondo Price Calendar feature helps to view how much money you might be able to save when you’re flexible with the particular dates. Let’s say, if you find a more suitable dates, you can get the best overview of prices and easily update your search results as well.

Compare Cheap Flights

  • It searches major airlines, low cost airlines, and travel agencies will give you the best flight ticket comparison.
  • By using this booking app, you can easily book the tickets directly from your device wherever you are.
  • Momondo Price Calendar feature allows to find the best deals for your specified budget by showing the average price on different dates in an interactive calendar.
  • It lets to filter out the tickets by airlines, stops, departure or arrival times, ticket type, airport, and travel site.
  • With one click, you can easily get to know which ticket is the best deal for you.
  • Specifically, it is easier to use for every user.

Find Hotel Deals

  • It is offering best price guarantee feature which lets to get the information about cheapest hotel deals online. If you find it within 24 hours, it will refund the difference.
  • It searches all the major booking sites and hotel comparison sites including individual hotel websites.
  • It always strives to find out the best possible deals.
  • With the Near Me Tonight feature, you can get to view and find last minute deals online.
  • Based on cheapest, closest, and best review or most popular, you can sort out the search results.
  • It lets to view the amenities that matter most.

A Personalized Search Experience

On Momondo , you can easily create your own personal profile. Relevantly, it allows to save and sync your preferences, your search history, and all your favourite flights and hotels, and search from one device or book from another.

Comparison with Google Flights, Expedia, and Goibibo

Momondo Vs Google Flights

Momondo is popular for finding the cheapest airfares for almost any given flight and searching a ton of different travel booking sites at once. The main disadvantages of using Momondo included not accomplishing the task of searching results quickly and not good at searching a range of dates.

Whereas Google Flights simply allows to finding availability and searching the tickets quickly and easily. This online search engine tool is bad at finding the absolute cheapest price and finding all mistake fares.

So Momondo Steals the Show Here

Momondo Vs Expedia

Momondo is a great metasearch engine tool owing to not only it is comprehensive tool but also it’s extremely user friendly. As similar as other sites, Momondo gives a chance to users for comparing the results to Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, Skyscanner and CheapOair. If you want to sort out the results, it will filter out into the results including cheapest, best, quickest, or custom.

However, it is providing cheapest dates to fly and visually represented in bar graphs on the top of the web page with exact prices that made visible simply on hovering the bar. Through Momondo online portal, you can’t book the tickets directly but you will be redirected into the booking website.

Expedia is famous for filtering the results rapidly. It redeems itself in making it dead simple for filtering out the important details including for flights, hotels, and car hire deals. To choose favorite airlines and departure times, you can go to nearby airports which lurk in pop-up menus and checkboxes are crameed into a smallish space. In addition to these, it saves all of your searches whether you’ve logged in or not.

Momondo Vs Goibibo

Goibibo is the India’s largest online hotels booking website and it has received number one ranking for its mobile app under travel category. Essentially, Goibibo is striving to deliver the fast and most trusted user experiences in terms of quickest searching, booking, payments, and refund processes. Additionally, it is providing a wide range of products to its travellers that subsumed city airline routes, flight schedules, hotels booking, international flights and hotels, domestic airlines, and hotels in India. Available travel resources of Goibibo included destinations, airports in India, international airlines, city flights, Goibibo travel facts, international flight booking, and online flight booking.

But, Momondo is just metasearch engine tool that means it lets to search for best deals relevant to flights, hotels, and car hire deals. Accordingly, it is helping to view cheapest available deals for your travel and not a booking website unlike Goibibo. It is allowing users to find out the cheapest flight deals and automatically redirected you into a booking portal when clicking on book button. Like other travel search engine sites like Google Flights, Expedia, or Kayak, Momondo is providing information about flights, hotels, and car hire deals.

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