Most Extreme Climate In Canada Where You Can Hike

There are so many beautiful countries in the world, and Canada is, no doubt, one of them. We cannot deny the fact that Canada is home to some eye-catching natural landscapes. You will see dense forests, towering trees, pristine lakes, majestic mountains, and many more.

There are many places you can reach on foot, and many places in Canada are suitable for hiking. The climate of those places also supports hiking. From West Coast to Vancouver, there are many places where you can go hiking. However, if you are living in Canada and if you love hiking, the following list will be helpful for you.

  • West Coast Trail: West Coast Trail is one of the best places where you can hike. The climate of this place is suitable for hiking as well. It is located in British Columbia. The long 75 kilometers West Coast Trail makes this place an ideal option for hikers. Talking about the actual location of this area, it is located near Vancouver Island. Spectacular caves, giant boulders, sandy beaches, and many more make this place very good for hikers. The climate is also good here and you can spend the nighttime sleeping under the dark sky.
  • Plain Of The Six Glaciers: This is another place for hiking and talking about the location, it is situated in Alberta. The long 13.8 kilometers track makes this place ideal for everyone. Well, if you are preparing yourself for winter conditions, this place will not be ideal for you. This is an ideal location for mid-summer hiking. Well, there is a rustic teahouse where you can enjoy it. But, it is opened during the mid-summer season.
  • Skyline Trail: Skyline Trail is one of the best places for hiking. Vast oceans, boggy marshlands, seaside cliffs, rolling hills and many more make this place ideal for hikers. The climate here in the Skyline Trail is pleasant. The lookout points are also great. When it comes to hiking, you will have two options. You can either go for a 6.5 km track. It is a kind of out-and-back track. Apart from this, there is another option. Yes, you can have an 8.2 km hiking loop track. You can complete your hiking within a few hours. There are parks where you can different animals such as bears, bald eagles and many more.

So, these are extreme climate areas in Canada where you can actually hike.