NewsCA, the Data Gurus Who Anticipated the Election Result

CA, the Data Gurus Who Anticipated the Election Result

Trump has no helper rather than Cambridge Analytica, who expert in predicting the people behaviour via software management tools and Digital Marketing teams. Not only this, they have a group of intelligent people whom they called Data Scientists, which played a major role in making Trump victory in his Presidential election. The way that Cambridge Analytica predicted their targeted audiences are far different from the strategy used by public poles, experts and pundits.

They took time and research every state comprehensively and identify the people behaviour about voting of both candidates. They had collaborated with the Republic National Committee and Brad Pascale to arrange the things required for a political campaign in every state. The firm was very much sure about the Trump’s winning because they saw the trends that no one else ever imagined and it knows how to explicate those correctly.

According to Matt Oczkowski, the Head of Product of Cambridge Analytica, it was difficult to predict the outcome of the 2016 election and even they had faced many issues on their way. But the only thing that makes the company different from other predictors were their correct assumption. They knew they are going well with the trends and hence, they were pretty confident about their work. They had explored and comprehend the team’s internal data and concluded the specific results that state like Pennsylvania and Ohio going to provide on the election day because they understood the public behaviour of those states.

Apart from this, the crew members of the company majorly focused on the behaviour of Trump supporters like how they are unique from traditional Republican voters. They have thoroughly investigated the people’s intention and requirement of giving votes to the candidates and that’s what it led them to identify the target voters quickly and effortlessly. The data scientist of Cambridge Analytica understand the new trends of early voting and absentee ballots that majorly been operated in rural areas. With the help of its internal data and digital marketing team, Cambridge Analytica predicted a significant lift for President Trump as it derives the solution which led to the race tightening for the organization. The trend also comprised of several types of voter who had not declared themselves for Trump. Those include the rural vote, sudden fall of African-American turnout and other hidden votes.

The prediction did not rely upon punditry or any art of politics. It is the data scientists who had made this possible during every campaign program. The scientific approach was genuine and proved to be worthy for undertaking all major and minor risk during the prediction of target audiences. According to Cambridge Analytic CEO Alexander Nix, the entire group of teams had worked hard and put their all effort and strategies to bring all possible outcomes for the organization and Trump’s presidential campaigns.

On supporting this, the Product Head Oczkowski also stated that the way company had utilized the model for predicting targeted audiences in most of the states accurately are likely to be anticipated by any political intuition as they took the demographic shift into the account to predict the precise result.

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