NewsCA Receives Top Honor in the 2017 ARF David Ogilvy Awards

CA Receives Top Honor in the 2017 ARF David Ogilvy Awards

Cambridge Analytica, one of the popular data analytics behavioural communication company had been shortlisted as a winner in the Advertising Research Foundation 2017 and awarded David Ogilvy Award for their achievements. Cambridge Analytica had operated a campaign “Make America Number One” received a gold honour in the field of big data category for its effective and successful practice of estimating undecided voters during 2016 presidential campaign. The company really honoured to become a winner of one of the most prestigious awards because they not only did their work successfully but also beaten some of the world’s most innovative companies and campaigns competing with them.

The major credit goes to team workers and their efforts who gave their best in every field to make the campaigning program effortless and successful. They have been capable of finding target audiences based on the demographics. It was very critical for them to identify the undecided women voters from the audience, but somehow they managed to pull up the exact demographic details at the end of October 2016. They were able to do so just because of their unique ad ‘Can’t Run Her House’ that encourages the women voters to vote for Donald Trump. This ad has proven to be the most successful among all ads held during 2016 political campaigns.

It was a challenge for Cambridge Analytica to identify persuadable voters during 2016 presidential election. Not concern about the future what going to be happening, Cambridge Analytica focused on identifying the target audiences through their innovative approach with the support of Data Scientist and Digital Marketing teams. They explore the issues that may affect the voting decisions and introduced and effective messaging technique accordingly when the election day approached.

When most of the voters were still in doubt whom to elect as a leader of United States, Cambridge Analytica already made their way to target the small number of undecided voters. They accepted the challenge and use their robust techniques in a correct time with the right message just a few months before the election day. The company had created a digital marketing campaign to target the undecided democratic women voters that includes some successful ads that attract the women moving intent to vote for Donald Trump all over the state of Florida in bulk of more than 8 percentage point.

The award was organized by the jury of ad industry leaders and Advertising Research Foundation. According to them, the United States needs to establish a new regulation that could explain how consumer data is collected in a transparent manner. The advertising is gone so far that company like Cambridge Analytica has found an innovative path to identify the target audience based on the demographics. The creative minds are essential to think of creative ads that could help to bring as much as voters for the political campaigns. Cambridge Analytica always searches for those innovative minds and implement on their work to take the concepts of big data to another level. The award provided to CA by the ARF are given to one of the best analytic company of that era which basically held after one year and CA really feel honoured to receive the David Ogilvy Award.

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