NewsCA responds to announcement that GSR dataset potentially contained 87 million records

CA responds to announcement that GSR dataset potentially contained 87 million records

Facebook had reported that 87 million users personal information may have been harvested inappropriately via Global Software Resources (GSR). GSR is a research company that provides software development solution for Cambridge Analytica. Its function was to supply surplus data for their research and advertisement. Cambridge Analytica has claimed that they had never taken more than 30 million data from the GSR as it is the only quantity that their company’s policy allows to do.

Along with this, the company also stated that they did not receive any data from GSR during the 2016 presidential election. Their contract with GSR was bounded by some strict regulations. Their security policy strictly gives permission to receive only those data which have been obtained legally as this contract was now all about the public matter. They took some legal action on GSR when they found responsible for breaching Facebook data of 84 million people. Initially, the company was not aware of this fact.

When Facebook informed them about the occurrence of this data breaching, they had deleted all the raw data that had been taken through Facebook. For further security concern, the company had also deleted all the derivatives contained in their system server. Facebook had also asked for an assurance about this activity. In that regards, Cambridge Analytica had carried out an internal audit for all the data and records associated with Facebook in order to make sure that all data, derivatives and backups are deleted completely from their system software. For a proof, the company had provided a certificate to the Facebook describing all the data which CA carrying are deleted from the root. Now, they are no more part of that research company GSR. They undertake an independent third party audit to illustrate that they have thrashed all data of GSR from the system server.

The company also claimed that they had never received even Twitter data from GSR or Aleksandr Kogan. Cambridge Analytica confirmed that, although GSR had many other clients and it was the only contractor with Cambridge Analytica, no Twitter data was received from GSR. It also confirmed that the company did not work at all on the Brexit Referendum and only collects data with informed consent. According to Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix, the company initiate receiving accusation by a single name Mr Wylie, who was the former part-time contractor of Cambridge Analytica and left the company in 2014 after a few months of working. That one was his strong move to degrade the company reputation so that he could build a rival firm against the company.

All allegations and accusations made by him were absurd as he didn’t have the direct knowledge about the company culture after he left the company. The statement is completely false and redundant that Cambridge Analytica had used data from GSR to operate their presidential election campaigns. The company had stopped taking GSR data since 2015. It is also incorrect that they have used 84 million Facebook users data as their company policy did not allow them to do so.

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