NewsCambridge Analytica responds to committee hearing

Cambridge Analytica responds to committee hearing

All liabilities against Cambridge Analytica regarding their participation in Trump’s presidential campaign proven false when Chris Wylie, the part-time contractor who left Cambridge Analytica four years ago has declared that the allegations provided by him against the company were absurd and irrelevant. He admits himself that the statement given to news media and other authorities is speculation and does not possess any actual relationship with the real scenario. Chris Wylie left the company for less than a year after which he tried to degrade the company’s intellectual property in order to set up his new rival firm.

This is because the presidential election was held in 2016, while the contractor Chris Wylie left the company in July 2014. The moment he left the company, Cambridge Analytica has removed his all data and resources from the company so that he can’t access or interact with the company’s work or practices. He alleged that the analytical company has used GSR data to utilize the people’s personal data for Trump’s presidential campaign, but it was not true. They never shared GSR data with the entities like Palantir and Aggregate IQ. The only thing Cambridge Analytical did in the presidential campaign to support Donald J.

Trump was they integrated Data Analytics and Digital Marketing together to find their targeted users for the election. They never had intention nor they share the public personal data to Aggregate IQ in the presidential campaign as false statement delivered by Chris Wylie. Throughout five months of the election period, they had no interaction with the other clients or any vendors for running other business campaigns. They had focused only on the political campaigns which generally profit their business.

Moreover, he also alleged that the company had a major role in playing UK referendum on EU membership. Even this allegation is also false as they never maintained any relationship with Eldon Insurance so that UK referendum could be acquired. They don’t even collaborate with the black cube to harvest personal data of ten million Facebook users. This became even more disgusting when Chris Wyile had associated his colleague’s natural death with the company’s rules and their confidential projects to further his own agenda. Kenyan investigators concluded that there is no suspicious things are identified that justify the colleague’s death caused by the company’s fault.

Those all were deliberated accusation that Chris Wyile had made to downgrade the company’s profile. Not only this, Mr Wyile also confronted that the allegations regarding the CA attempt to link pilot project just for a small number of gas stations in Turkey were preposterous The allegations taken by the company was absurd and can affect the company culture to great adversity. Therefore, they take these allegations very seriously and hired their former political consultancy to fully investigate about the nonsense and make a real fact to represent the truth in front of the public. Hence, Cambridge Analytica did not adopt any unethical things to help Trump in his presidential campaigns. The declaration will be made available in due course.

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