NewsCambridge Analytica responds to Facebook announcement

Cambridge Analytica responds to Facebook announcement

The British daily newspaper, The Guardian had reported that Cambridge Analytica used personal information from the profiles of millions of US voters without permission. A Whistleblower said that information which was used to build a powerful software program to predict and influence choices at political campaigns, a company which was headed by at the time by former Trump advisor Steve Banon has since been suspended from the Facebook. The data bridge is reportedly the largest in the social network history. Knowing the accusation news through every media channels, Facebook has responded that they have suspended all firms which were supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign which also includes Cambridge Analytica. Concerning the security factor of personal profiles to the top head section, Facebook has decided to customize their data policies based on the weakness that led to accused of data breaching.

Cambridge Analytica is currently not a part of Facebook as it is facing an accuse of knowingly utilizing the Facebook data on Trump’s presidential campaign. This suspension of the analytical company from the Facebook platform is only held to resolve the matter currently going with the Cambridge Analytica. According to Cambridge Analytica, they did not use GSR to unethically utilize Facebook data in 2016 political campaigns. Whichever data they had used in the campaigns fully complied with Facebook terms and policies.

It is not a company that uses unethical practices to make an alternate way of acquiring things which are rarely possible. Cambridge Analytica is a data analytics company which majorly deals with facilitating digital marketing and analytic tools to perform political campaigns throughout the countries. They do not use Facebook profiles nor they hold them for operating political campaigns. They are among those companies which use social media only for marketing purpose by adverting the campaigns, creating creative content and data-lead delivery.

They also claimed that the company, Global Science Research (GSR) used to obtain data which obey the UK Data Protection Act. The company is a genuine data controller according to the Data Protection Act that takes Facebook data via an API provided by Facebook. Concurrently, when it finalized that data will be not acquired from the GSR while following the  Facebook terms and policies, Cambridge Analytica had deleted all the data associated with the GSR. The company is working with Facebook these days in order to ensure that the data had not been acquired by GSR for running political campaigns and they have no any intention to breached data with following the Facebook’s terms of service.

In order to satisfy Facebook with their transparency, they had provided a signed statement to Facebook stating that the data and its derivatives have been deleted completely from their server. The company only want to say that they are not the culprits of which they were accused. They have never used GSR as a part of the services in the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump. Cambridge Analytica only uses the data which is being bounded by the social media norms and security policies. All data accumulated in the campaigns were strongly supporting their privacy policies adhere to US, International and European regulations.

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