NewsDigital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee publishes documents

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee publishes documents

The former CA contractor, Chris Wylie had submitted a document to different publishers belongs to digital, media, culture and sports committee showcasing the false allegations made by a media outlet that following the absurd claims of Chris Wylie. The document was all about a summary of their activities they performed during the presidential campaigns in 2016. It addressed the ethical practices made by the company to promote campaigns while following the data security terms. The documents are strictly opposing the allegations that made on Tuesday’s hearing and also shielding the unsubstantiated claims delivered by Chris Wylie and other News channels.
The document contains brief details of a contract between GSR and SCL elections, highlighting in the clause 9 that the GSR is strictly committed of providing data to any of its vendors while complying with all data protection regulations, which also includes UK Data Protection Act and EU derivatives.

CA also disclosed all the emails discussing the work done by the company on making political campaigns as per the requirement of John Bolton Super PAC. The work involved the manipulation of different political models such as turnout, issues and their partisanship. Along with that, CA has also discussed its responsibility in finding potential audiences from different places across the country. They also highlighted the point that the company did not use GSR data with this client and even with the other entity throughout the campaign operation.

In order to establish campaign management software, Cambridge Analytica had hired Aggregate IQ in 2014 and 2015 but the misconception has been put on the mind of people that it was also utilized during 2016 presidential campaign which was completely a false statement provided by Chris Wyile and other media committee. The documents also comprehend the intellectual property license associated with the campaign management software.

Just because the company has early tied up with Aggregate IQ it doesn’t mean that they were involved in the 2016 EU referendum.  They did not use any third party software provider and data collector to run the political campaigns throughout the election period. In one inscription, the company also demonstrated their working activities with non-US nationals. The people or associates of Cambridge Analytica who have participated in Trump’s presidential campaign have given non-strategic roles and have no any connection with the claims of breaching Facebook data. They strictly follow this policy in all of their US political work.

Chris Wylie who accused Cambridge Analytica of using personal data from Facebook for its political campaign with the support of GSR has left the company in July 2014 and has no direct knowledge of company’s work and its activity of arranging political campaign in 2016 presidential election. He did not even know that the company had not received any GSR data throughout the election period. All statements and accusations made by the former contractor were absurd and ridiculous as his intention was to degrade the company’s reputation and establish a new analytical company as a rival against the Cambridge Analytica.

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