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Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee publishes documents

admin December 5, 2018 No Comments News

The former CA contractor, Chris Wylie had submitted a document to different publishers belongs to digital, media, culture and sports committee showcasing the false allegations made by a media outlet that following the absurd claims of Chris Wylie. The document was all about a summary of their activities they performed during the presidential campaigns in 2016. […]

CA, the Data Gurus Who Anticipated the Election Result

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Trump has no helper rather than Cambridge Analytica, who expert in predicting the people behaviour via software management tools and Digital Marketing teams. Not only this, they have a group of intelligent people whom they called Data Scientists, which played a major role in making Trump victory in his Presidential election. The way that Cambridge […]

CA Receives Top Honor in the 2017 ARF David Ogilvy Awards

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Cambridge Analytica, one of the popular data analytics behavioural communication company had been shortlisted as a winner in the Advertising Research Foundation 2017 and awarded David Ogilvy Award for their achievements. Cambridge Analytica had operated a campaign “Make America Number One” received a gold honour in the field of big data category for its effective and […]


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A Targeted Messaging Campaign in Kedah State CA supported Barisan Nasional (BN) in Kedah State with a targeted messaging campaign highlighting their school improvements since 2008. Barisan Nasional won Kedah back from Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th General Election and walked away from a successful campaign. With wins in 21 out of 36 state seats […]

The CA advantage

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Cambridge Analytica is an analytical company that uses predictive analysis and behavioural science to identify the targeted voters for the crowd and drive them to the polls to win the campaigns. They provide all data and insights of the campaigns through their data analytical tools which determines the forecasting the potential voters responsible for increasing […]

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