Over 200 Bodies Unearthed Near Indigenous School

People are putting almost 215 pairs of shoes on the stairs of the art gallery in Vancouver. It is a kind of memorial to those children whose bodies had been found at the site of a residential school located in Kamloops. You might be shocked to know that some of them were only 3 years old. They have been found buried. Talking about the site, well, this was once considered one of the largest indigenous schools in Canada.

Rosanne Casimir is of the opinion that the remains of those children were found last week. They got this with the assistance of the ground-penetrating radar. According to Casimir, more bodies might be found as there are some more areas that are unchecked yet.

There was an earlier release where she said that it is a kind of unthinkable loss. It was never spoken or documented at the Kamloops Residential School. According to research, almost 150,000 First Nation kids attended state-funded Christian educational institutions. It was an inextricable part of the program—assimilation into Canadian society. Those children were forcefully converted to Christianity. They were not even allowed to speak in their native language. Most of them were verbally abused and beaten.

Well, the government of Canada apologized in 2008 in parliament. The sexual and physical abuses in educational institutions were drastic and rampant. Most students could still recall those deadly incidents where they had been beaten due to speaking in their native tongue. They also lost their connection with their customs and parents.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission presented a report. According to the report, almost 3200 children died amid neglect and abuse. Almost 51 deaths took place before 1963 at the Kamloops School. It was in 1915 when such incidents started.

Lisa Lapointe who is the chief coroner in BC is of the opinion that those bodies were only detected. They were not yet exhumed. It is sensitive work. They are now in the process of collecting information, and they will collaboratively work on this project. According to Lisa, this is a heart-breaking and tragic incident caused due to the infliction of the Canadian residential school system. They are still working and covering the entire ground. The full report will be disclosed soon.

John Horgan, BC Premier, said that this incident highlights the consequences and violence of the residential school system.

So, this is all about the incident regarding the discovery of unearthed 200 bodies.