The information is all about the achievement of CA in organizing electoral campaigns for the Kenyan presidential election. The election held in 2013 was proved to be the largest political research project in the history of East Africa. Cambridge Analytica had conducted a survey with […]

Cambridge Analytica responds to announcement that GSR dataset potentially contained 87 million records

Today Facebook reported that information for up to 87 million people may have been improperly obtained by research company GSR. Cambridge Analytica licensed data for no more than 30 million people from GSR, as is clearly stated in our contract with the research company. They […]

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee publishes documents

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has published documents received from former Cambridge Analytica part-time contractor Chris Wylie. None of these documents support the false allegations made in Tuesday’s hearing. Nor do they support the allegations made by some media outlets based on Mr Wylie’s […]